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Retired Listings SALE! ~ Say Goodbye to Some Oldies with 30% OFF!

59 listings are going to be gone from my Etsy shop FOREVER.

Don’t Freak OUT! We all felt this time was coming. I’m going to be 100% REAL with you right now. When I got started I was making designs taken from the things I loved. Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Every Comic Book Character EVER. And you know what? It’s a teensie bit illegal.

Now, I’m not afraid of no police showing up on my door and taking me away, but all it takes is one lawyer to rip the carpet right out from under me, and then FoxyFunk would be DEAD.

So this is it! Any designs that are a direct symbol from a game, show or movie are outta here! I know 59 sounds like a huge number, and it is. But, there will still be over 115 designs left and I plan on making a whole lot more designs that are as beautiful and weird as you are. 💖

I have made a special Section of my Etsy Shop that includes ALL the designs that are going bye-bye and taking a much needed rest. They are all 30% OFF and remember I do FLAT Shipping ($3.95), so go crazy!

I love you all SO much! If there is any design you’d like to add in your life that I can help you with, let me know! If it’s a design I end up putting in my store, you get a huge MUSE Discount!


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Charm Locket Necklaces are BACK!

All the rage, these lockets. So many sweet charms of violins and kitten paws and fluffy wuffies…. But, I don’t stock that baloney. I stock awesome charms, like NES Controllers, Batman, Wonder Woman and Jack Skellington.

Make a custom locket for someone you know and fill it with awesomeness.  Each Locket (of your Choice) comes with a jewel to get you started and Charms are Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. Bam!

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If your Girlfriend’s a Nerd, I Have You Covered for Valentine’s Day

You have made a good choice in your significant other, the only problem is she is nerd, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you don’t know what to get her. Sure something from her favorite fandom will do, but it doesn’t mean you love her, it just means you know her style. If only there were something you could get her that embraces both your love and her nerdy personality? Look no further folks. I’ve got you covered. 😀

Here are a few of my Pixel Game Hearts collection, in necklaces and earrings alike. See the full lot and their very reasonable prices here.

8 bit pixel retro gamer life bar hearts gold chain necklace foxyfunk designs nerd health (3)

8 Bit Pixelated Life Heart necklace (2)

pixelated_8bit_heart_earrings (1)

pixek heart life bar




Perhaps there is one you share a heart with?

Friendship Pixel Heart Set of 2 Necklaces 8 Bit Puzzle Broken Heart (3) 8 bit pixelated friendship necklaces (4)

Prices start at $6 in my Etsy Shop.

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Batman & Superman, Dawn of Relationship Problems


Where to start… Batman is probably one of my very top favorite superheroes, for real. Ever since the very first time I saw the classic Batman and Robin with Adam West and Burt Ward.

batman-the-making-of-a-hero-tim-burton-batman-documentaryAnyhoo, Batman has undergone MANY changes throughout his evolution of existence. Personally, I did like the initial Tim Burton installments, for the time. He really accentuated the comic book-turned-film style that was new and exciting, and not straying too far away from the broody and moody Batman. The Dark Knight, was just that. Dark, not to mention gloomy. I actually thought that was well balanced, well acted, and spews the true feeling of Batman. Which in essence is justice beyond that of right and wrong.

So how do we introduce Mr. Super Doops and the Bats? As we have been shown in the brand spanky new trailer, it appears Lex Luthor is having a party. Perhaps he knew who they really are, or not. Either way, Tight Pants confront Gloomy Boy about Batman, and discovers that Bruce is not a fan. Having such a bullied past, it may be hard on Clark to realize that not everyone will like you. My therapist says this is something that is normal, and we can overcome this together. Superman needs to build a bridge, and try not to fight Batman on it.

bro hug instructionsSo beyond what we know from the trailer and list of cast members, I can only think of one possible ending of this, mostly ending in “Sorry babe, let’s work this out”, maybe a quick bro hug. I’m sure Wonder Woman will throw in the usual, “Stop it you two…” Eye roll.

The only way we know this is going to end up working out is because the Justice League exists! If you end up skipping out on Batman Vs. Superman, I suggest just binging on The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Animated Series. They are fantastic, more than any movie can try, CGI’s got nothing on 6 years of the best voice talent and storytelling ever animated. (Well maybe not EVER, but you feel me.)justice league

In the end, this story has already been told. It has been in the comic books several times, in individual animated movies, and animated series. Batman and Superman are buddies, in  a love/hate, “I have a basement full of kryptonite”, sort of way. They are just a couple of powerful dudes in it for the same reasons. They may have been led on their path in different ways, but have ended up together, fighting evil and saving the innocent for the better of all, and who could ask for a better love story action movie?

Get some gear and be ready for the release! $5 for the keychain, $10 each necklace in my Etsy store! Click the picture of your favorite and find out more!

Batman vs superman black cutout necklace (5) batman vs superman logo keychain batman vs superman logo necklace chain (2)

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It’s about time I read Harry Potter again

harry potter vol 1Despite how awesome the new covers are, the Harry Potter magic is held within.

I have even just stumbled upon Pottermore, a website that expands on the wizarding universe and Harry’s family. Did you know Harry was born in 1980? Mind blown. My 90’s childhood experience was crap next to this kids. I would have skipped the MC Hammer pants and traded Gak in for freaking magic.

I have just started reading the series again to my 7 year old son, and he loves it. A brilliant tale with your classic underdog turned top dog story, filled with mystery, heartbreak and joy.

It definitely has inspired some designs from me, more to come as we read on no doubt.

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's Nimbus 2000 and 2001 quidditch broom stick necklace (2)

Harry potter golden snitch stud post earrings foxyfunk costume  quidditch griphendor (3)

The Nimbus 2000 and 2001, ready to whisk you away in a fierce Quidditch game! $12 in Etsy. And the Golden Snitch are weasley little balls that you must be clever to catch! $9 in Etsy.


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Floating Charm Memories Lockets – Now in Nerd

All the rage, these lockets. So many sweet charms of violins and kitten paws and fluffy wuffies…. But, I don’t stock that baloney. I stock awesome charms, like NES Controllers, Batman, Wonder Woman and Jack Skellington.

Make a custom locket for someone you know and fill it with awesomeness.  Each Locket (of your Choice) comes with a jewel to get you started and Charms are Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. Bam!

Floating Charm Necklace words foxyfunk designs

eBay is the only store I carry these in! Tell your friends about it!


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Let’s let Zygons be Zygons

Oh crap the Zygons. The Zygon invasion episodes, of this present season (9th) of Doctor Who, quite possibly may be my favorite episodes this season has offered thus far.


If you are unfamiliar with the Zygons, they are weird looking aliens with suckers all about and the power to not only turn into an exact copy of any human, but also know what is in their minds. Yeesh.

The story goes that 10 million Zygons live within planet Earth disguised as humans, meant to live out their lives harmoniously. Of course there is a rebel group wanting to be free of their human image shackles. The logo making up this set of earrings and necklace is an image of the rebels war symbol. Are you a part of the revolution?zygon invasion inversion doctor who season 9 war symbol (2)


Earrings and necklace both only $9, or get the set for $15!

Picture links go to my Storenvy shop or find them in the store of your choosing. =^.^=

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Totally 80’s, Totally Rad.

Went on a bit of a neon bender this last week. It just mesmerized me. I could nearly hear the blinding colors calling to me…. “We’re totally Rad Meredith, come and laser us…” And so I did.

It wasn’t hard to determine what righteous shapes to choose. It also wasn’t hard to figure these designs are too tubular not to have on a permanent sale. Hence, each bodacious pair of earrings are only $6. Radical.

Neon 80s star cutout earrings pink blue green (1) Neon big heart dangle earrings in pink blue green 80s (6)

Picture links go to my Storenvy shop or find them in the store of your choosing. =^.^=


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It’s nearly Turkey Time

Everyone feels a bit different when it comes down to holidays. Especially one of the “big ones” such as this one coming up. Thanksgiving.

This was one that I can honestly say was not my favorite. Maybe as time goes by…. maybe. My biggest beef, or turkey in this case, is that traditionally in my family the meal is had in the middle of the day. Not lunch, not dinner, more like a big, big snack that you starve yourself to get to. Then you overeat from the previous fasting and proceed to feel regret and despair for the rest of the day, are sent home with leftovers of the same items that make so much pain within your mind and body, and are left to watch them turn colors in your fridge as Christmas nears because there is no way you want to remind your senses of this torment.

That is why I have devised a lovely plan! Wear your meal, don’t eat it. Also, tell your friends and family you are busy and eat sensibly at home. The only thing I want to binge on for Thanksgiving is Netflix.

turkey dinner pendant necklace acrylic and cherry wood holiday christmas thanksgiving (2) Get your own perfectly cooked and everlasting perfect Roast Turkey for only $12. 😛