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If I Ran DC Entertainment, This is How I’d Fix Everything

New_DC_logoSeeing how DC has put in some effort, theatrically speaking, in this past decade with a few Superman Movies and the wrap-up of the Dark Knight Series. They put huge focus in a slew of cartoon series, such as the Justice League, Teen Titans and various Batman series, as well as full length animated features (my favorites) which feature their wide range of superheros in the DC Universe. Their ever successful DC Universe Online and Arkham Knight Series video games are a must have for any fan, and known to all. But, especially with the release of the “too soon” Batman VS Superman movie has the crowd wiggling uncomfortably in their seats a little….

That’s where I come in, acting as the newly imagined Creative Director of DC Entertainment. (Hoping that any contractual Studio/Producer/Baloney that is in the way of my dreams doesn’t exist, let’s imagine this scenario will work out without a lawyer party.) Now, we need to most acknowledge our cash cows in respective order; Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman. (Why Last? You’ll see.) Now, with this series of Q&A, I will sort out what should have happened to DC Movie Universe. Before DC should arrange their “ducks” in a row, they must count them first and start with this question,

Question – “What do we have now?”

the_flash_and_arrowAnswer – Ongoing, highly praised and received TV shows, Arrow and The Flash, and most recent Supergirl.

Question – “But we want to make a Batman and/or Superman Movie and make a Wonder Woman movie to please them ladies. How does that happen?”

Answer – You slow your hot pants down and make a Wonder Woman TV Show OR Miniseries. (But… But… We tried that…) Yes, and failed. Try it with the same formula as Flash and Supergirl, this time… Then when the season is going to wrap up you make a cameo… of someone who can continue on endlessly as ~ Superman! (What!? Superman as the cameo?!!) Yup.

WonderwomanQuestion – Ok, let’s say we do that. It will take a little to get a Wonder Woman Show/Mini together, but we want to make a movie now! Do we do Batman now?

Answer – NO! Make a Flash Movie. (What about Arrow, he’s been around longer…) Exactly! Make a Flash movie first, it will have the Green Arrow in it, and the plot will probably start/end how we are going to wrap up Arrow’s series. (End the series!? Are you crazy?!) YES! Ending his series will open him up for a solo movie, without having to tie anything to the show. Think long-term here DC! Oh and you HAVE to cast the same people as in the show. Trust me here. It will make your movie goers watch the tv show and guarantee the show bingers to be at your movie.

Question – Fine. What about Batman? We haven’t even talked about him yet…

Gotham-TV-Show-Bruce-Wayne-ActorsAnswer – Batman needs to sneak in. We’ve done his origin story about 5 times a year in one way or another, everyone knows it. Let’s recap: The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl go on as usual. Introduce Wonder Woman show/series and end it with a Superman cameo. You’ve already introduced many of the League of Justice in all these shows, so let’s get Aquaman in on some TV show. Make a Flash Movie, end Arrow. Now it’s time for Batman. We introduce him into the group as a fully-fledged superhero in a movie called The Justice League. (Wait… START with the League!?) Dang right. Think Justice League: A New Frontier. Then “introduce” Green Lantern and bring the group together.

Question – Ok. Let’s say any of this worked, now what happens?

justice leagueAnswer – Well, on a 10 year plan, Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are done being shows, but each get their own movie arcs. To replace the success of the shows, perhaps a Red Arrow, Shazam and/or Kid Flash show. But now that everyone is knowledgeable of the gang, seriously everyone can get their own movie, like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern, even the Legends of Tomorrow. This opens up plot lines to constantly intertwine and line up with TV mentions, the Injustice League and ending with the War of 2 Earths story arc.

Question – Well we already made the Batman VS Superman movie and have the Suicide Squad almost done, and all those other actors replaced and movies lined up… So how could we enact this totally boss and well thought out plan for the present DC Universe?

Answer – Yeah well. It’s too late now, your f*cked. Drops mic, “I quit”.

injustice leagueI know I think too much. I could go on, heck, make some charts and schedules, even elaborate profusely… But should the heavenly divine above (below?) powers decide this brilliant plan could come into fruition, please let it get into the hands of the persons whose job I will likely replace.


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What Happens When I Binge Watch Gotham for 3 Days

I am currently hooked on Gotham. I had actually been previously avoiding the show, but have now digested nearly the entire first season in 3 days. (I know I could do better but a girls gotta eat…)


So Gotham is a Drama on FOX about the life of James (Jim) Gordon. The one thing you need to do as you embark on watching this show is to throw out all prior knowledge of the Batman Comics, Movies, Animated Shows/Shorts…. all of them. Pretend like you’ve heard of “that Batman character” once ever in your life and know nothing else about any of the characters or general plot line.

I generally don’t watch too dramatic or bummer shows in the “binge” fashion, but this one has me hooked. It is not over-dramatic and the writers are pretty darn good at the “feel” of Gotham. Dark. And more Dark. A little Evil. A little Devious. They had to CG clouds in some scenes for crying out loud. A+

I secretly love all of the bad guys. From the start I was rooting for the Penguin. In fact, I am rather proud of his achievements in moving on up the Bad Guy chain of command. There are not too many jobs in the world that you can start from the bottom and “work” your way to the top in such an effective method.

Fish Mooney is devious, ruthless and an impressive female gangster. I feel she is a great role model for the fine young women of Gotham. Even as a female myself, I feel like I can accomplish so much more with a baseball bat or spoon than ever before. Not to mention how to take charge and forging your life path with the help of goons. Life lessons ladies, take notes. 😉

Who do you get when you mix nerves, politeness and a genius mind? Edward Nygma! And he is a darn right gentleman, with some bad luck… I am quite intrigued and impressed with his good intentions, but he is a bad guy after all… One we can expect great things from, terrible, but great.

Overall, it is a deep, dark show with twisted psychopath characters, corruption and power. I especially love how much I am learning about climbing my way to the top of a mobsters paradise. So, what happens when I watch it for 3 straight days? So far, I have a deeper understanding for the “bad guys”, cloudy weather makes me feel devious, and I have been seriously considering what my villain name would be. I haven’t come up with anything very cool so far, it’s a work in progress…


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Batman & Superman, Dawn of Relationship Problems


Where to start… Batman is probably one of my very top favorite superheroes, for real. Ever since the very first time I saw the classic Batman and Robin with Adam West and Burt Ward.

batman-the-making-of-a-hero-tim-burton-batman-documentaryAnyhoo, Batman has undergone MANY changes throughout his evolution of existence. Personally, I did like the initial Tim Burton installments, for the time. He really accentuated the comic book-turned-film style that was new and exciting, and not straying too far away from the broody and moody Batman. The Dark Knight, was just that. Dark, not to mention gloomy. I actually thought that was well balanced, well acted, and spews the true feeling of Batman. Which in essence is justice beyond that of right and wrong.

So how do we introduce Mr. Super Doops and the Bats? As we have been shown in the brand spanky new trailer, it appears Lex Luthor is having a party. Perhaps he knew who they really are, or not. Either way, Tight Pants confront Gloomy Boy about Batman, and discovers that Bruce is not a fan. Having such a bullied past, it may be hard on Clark to realize that not everyone will like you. My therapist says this is something that is normal, and we can overcome this together. Superman needs to build a bridge, and try not to fight Batman on it.

bro hug instructionsSo beyond what we know from the trailer and list of cast members, I can only think of one possible ending of this, mostly ending in “Sorry babe, let’s work this out”, maybe a quick bro hug. I’m sure Wonder Woman will throw in the usual, “Stop it you two…” Eye roll.

The only way we know this is going to end up working out is because the Justice League exists! If you end up skipping out on Batman Vs. Superman, I suggest just binging on The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Animated Series. They are fantastic, more than any movie can try, CGI’s got nothing on 6 years of the best voice talent and storytelling ever animated. (Well maybe not EVER, but you feel me.)justice league

In the end, this story has already been told. It has been in the comic books several times, in individual animated movies, and animated series. Batman and Superman are buddies, in  a love/hate, “I have a basement full of kryptonite”, sort of way. They are just a couple of powerful dudes in it for the same reasons. They may have been led on their path in different ways, but have ended up together, fighting evil and saving the innocent for the better of all, and who could ask for a better love story action movie?

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