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TheExpandedUniverse.COM – Product Feature‘s Debbie Sellers has done a review on a few of my Star Wars items! was created to bring together fans of Star Wars “Expanded Universe” which is the stories from more than just the movies!

“”Lucasfilm canon” refers to anything produced by any of the Lucas companies, whether it be movies, books games or internet. “Movie canon” is only what you see and hear in the Star Wars films”- Leland Chee

So check out Debbie’s Smugglers’ Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (Part 1) and see what she thinks! 😀

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If I Ran DC Entertainment, This is How I’d Fix Everything

New_DC_logoSeeing how DC has put in some effort, theatrically speaking, in this past decade with a few Superman Movies and the wrap-up of the Dark Knight Series. They put huge focus in a slew of cartoon series, such as the Justice League, Teen Titans and various Batman series, as well as full length animated features (my favorites) which feature their wide range of superheros in the DC Universe. Their ever successful DC Universe Online and Arkham Knight Series video games are a must have for any fan, and known to all. But, especially with the release of the “too soon” Batman VS Superman movie has the crowd wiggling uncomfortably in their seats a little….

That’s where I come in, acting as the newly imagined Creative Director of DC Entertainment. (Hoping that any contractual Studio/Producer/Baloney that is in the way of my dreams doesn’t exist, let’s imagine this scenario will work out without a lawyer party.) Now, we need to most acknowledge our cash cows in respective order; Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman. (Why Last? You’ll see.) Now, with this series of Q&A, I will sort out what should have happened to DC Movie Universe. Before DC should arrange their “ducks” in a row, they must count them first and start with this question,

Question – “What do we have now?”

the_flash_and_arrowAnswer – Ongoing, highly praised and received TV shows, Arrow and The Flash, and most recent Supergirl.

Question – “But we want to make a Batman and/or Superman Movie and make a Wonder Woman movie to please them ladies. How does that happen?”

Answer – You slow your hot pants down and make a Wonder Woman TV Show OR Miniseries. (But… But… We tried that…) Yes, and failed. Try it with the same formula as Flash and Supergirl, this time… Then when the season is going to wrap up you make a cameo… of someone who can continue on endlessly as ~ Superman! (What!? Superman as the cameo?!!) Yup.

WonderwomanQuestion – Ok, let’s say we do that. It will take a little to get a Wonder Woman Show/Mini together, but we want to make a movie now! Do we do Batman now?

Answer – NO! Make a Flash Movie. (What about Arrow, he’s been around longer…) Exactly! Make a Flash movie first, it will have the Green Arrow in it, and the plot will probably start/end how we are going to wrap up Arrow’s series. (End the series!? Are you crazy?!) YES! Ending his series will open him up for a solo movie, without having to tie anything to the show. Think long-term here DC! Oh and you HAVE to cast the same people as in the show. Trust me here. It will make your movie goers watch the tv show and guarantee the show bingers to be at your movie.

Question – Fine. What about Batman? We haven’t even talked about him yet…

Gotham-TV-Show-Bruce-Wayne-ActorsAnswer – Batman needs to sneak in. We’ve done his origin story about 5 times a year in one way or another, everyone knows it. Let’s recap: The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl go on as usual. Introduce Wonder Woman show/series and end it with a Superman cameo. You’ve already introduced many of the League of Justice in all these shows, so let’s get Aquaman in on some TV show. Make a Flash Movie, end Arrow. Now it’s time for Batman. We introduce him into the group as a fully-fledged superhero in a movie called The Justice League. (Wait… START with the League!?) Dang right. Think Justice League: A New Frontier. Then “introduce” Green Lantern and bring the group together.

Question – Ok. Let’s say any of this worked, now what happens?

justice leagueAnswer – Well, on a 10 year plan, Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are done being shows, but each get their own movie arcs. To replace the success of the shows, perhaps a Red Arrow, Shazam and/or Kid Flash show. But now that everyone is knowledgeable of the gang, seriously everyone can get their own movie, like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern, even the Legends of Tomorrow. This opens up plot lines to constantly intertwine and line up with TV mentions, the Injustice League and ending with the War of 2 Earths story arc.

Question – Well we already made the Batman VS Superman movie and have the Suicide Squad almost done, and all those other actors replaced and movies lined up… So how could we enact this totally boss and well thought out plan for the present DC Universe?

Answer – Yeah well. It’s too late now, your f*cked. Drops mic, “I quit”.

injustice leagueI know I think too much. I could go on, heck, make some charts and schedules, even elaborate profusely… But should the heavenly divine above (below?) powers decide this brilliant plan could come into fruition, please let it get into the hands of the persons whose job I will likely replace.


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Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher – Oh My! Season 2 Arc Theories


The day is nearly here! Daredevil, season 1, grabbed our hearts and squeezed hard fresh justice through our unsuspecting eyes! We followed Karen Page through her murder tomfoolery, gave our hearts to Foggy Nelson through his trails and tribulations as the ultimate wing man, fell in love and won the respect of Hell’s Kitchen’s King Pin, Wilson Fisk, and endlessly watched every bloody step Matt Murdock took to change his life and save his city!

marvels-daredevil-season-2-posterThe next chapter, as I have seen in the trailers, is that the Punisher comes along wreaking his own flavor of justice upon Hell’s Kitchen, thus creating his origin in this telling. The worry seems to be that his brand of relentless torturing and evil personal conquest endangers innocence within the city. However, Punisher is more of an antihero and is most likely to eventually (and reluctantly) become temporary allies with Daredevil and Elektra. But what is the main threat for this series?

It could easily become The Punisher story or the Elektra story that Matt cameos in, and not vice versa. So, we built it like a Matt story, in terms of what we wanted to put him through, where we wanted to get him, by the end of the season, and what we wanted to have him learn about himself, and we used an Elektra and Frank story throughout, to get him there…. -MARCO RAMIREZ; by Radish, Christina (January 22, 2016). “‘Daredevil’ Showrunners on How Punisher and Elektra Shake Up Season 2”.

With that being said, let’s take a look into the “hints” that we were given in Season 1. When Stick comes around and reminisces with Matt, we learn more about his focusing of talent and that Stick is trying to prepare him for the “rising”. At the end of the episode, Stick is sitting across from an unknown figure, whose name was revealed in the credits to be Stone. Both Stick and Stone (previous student of Stick) are members of the Chaste, a martial arts group devoted to fighting the Hand, an evil ninja clan. You remember the red ninja Daredevil had to fight and nearly lost to? That dude was part of the Hand…

Remember Madam Gao? Not only did that sweet lil’ ol’ lady knock down Daredevil without much effort, but she had mentioned her homeland is “a considerable distance farther” than China. How far? Could be she is from one of the Legendary Cities of Heaven..? Curious also that Madame Gao’s heroin packets bear a red snake symbol, the very same as the nemesis of Iron Fist, who should have his own show sometime in 2017. Could this have something to do with this “Rising” Sticks mentioned? I guess only time, and more clues, will tell.

Let’s watch the trailers and see what we might be able to gather from them!

Well, more talk of the rising, making friends with Punisher, ninja action, ex girlfriend on the scene (what will Karen think!?) and a spice filled fun pack a vigilante justice! Will Wilson Fisk have any contribution to the crime circuit? There is a lot to be found out and, if any of you are like me, I will have most of the season completed on March 18th, and then we will know!

Marvel's Daredevil

There are a lot of things I would like to see in the next series and I have a feeling we will get more than we could have ever dreamed and asked for. I have not seen enough to know who the main story arc nemesis is, the Yakuza is probably no more than an enemy of an episode to clear the path to the head honcho. Plenty of people claim it could be Bullseye, but I believe there will be more to it. I do feel, however, that with the oncoming of Iron Fist, an introduction into the more “supernatural” is just around the corner. 😀


Show your DareDevil appreciation with this pendant necklace!DareDevil Logo Pendant Necklace laser cut red acrylic (5)

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X-Files Cliffhanger Has Me Ubducted – How to Survive

Holy space cow! Have you been watching the New X-Files?! Have you seen how Mr. Chris Carter decided to end it!?! That wasn’t a cliffhanger, that was… unearthly. Despite the obvious motive being to generate a reboot (which I am totally in need of now) I loved every episode, though few in numbers. Let’s beam into the highlights! ::Some Spoilers Alert::


Where to start. This series started over 20 years ago, and is taking the same (yet more technological) path of mystery, mistrust and drama. As the years went on, we have unraveled a conspiracy of aliens and their impact on our world. At one time, 2 species of aliens battled secretly on earth, leading to numerous more mysteries, ubductions and cover ups. The Syndicate is the X-Files group of super bad guys, forging the world to their whim, and the Cancer Man seems to be the last alive and in power. Dang it. We can’t even blow that guy up and make it last!

Now, I’m not that interested in the gossip of the show. I hear things like David Duchovny is getting paid more… Resurfacing of how Gillian Anderson and David didn’t get along back in the day… All the huffs and puffs and opinions of Chris Carter still producing… Disappointment this, Islamic-phobia that… Hoo ha! Let’s understand one thing – it is what it is, you can’t please them all, but in the end it was an awesome show that continues to entertain!

new xfilesAs the new series started, we see Scully and Mulder reunited in a case similar to Scully’s previous abductions. As much as we all (and Mulder) would love for it to be real alien abductions and tomfoolery, it is the work of the usual bad guys – people. We’re always to blame, huh? The season wraps up with Scully trying to save the world, but first Mulder, from a global epidemic of everyday illnesses killing the world’s populace who now has no immunity. This is Cancer Man’s solution to pollution and everyone being jerks to eachother. Typical bad guy world domination mumbo jumbo brought on by his used-to-be alien buddies. However, Scully’s Alien DNA will save the day! Or will it? Good luck girlfriend…

were monster xfilesOut of the 6 thrilling episodes, I have got to say, Episode 3 was probably my favorite episode ever! One of the best aspects of the show throughout the time, was that they could meld humor into mystery as well as cheese on bread. I will leave the story a conundrum to entice you to watch it, because you must watch it!

X-Files has never feared away from trying something new. Such as the episode that followed a classic movie style and telling, The Post-Modern Prometheus. As well as episodes that touch on edgy topics or follow other characters through their past, The Unnatural. It has something to say when watching episodes through the ages reveal numerous now famous and big time actors and actresses in our time.

xfiles posterI am hopeful that a season 11 gets pushed through!! Now just to wrap up the massive cliffhanger, though I will start speculating possible endings… However, I also appreciate some of the new characters, Agents Miller and Einstein have good chemistry. But, I am not sure we are ready to go solo with those 2, (I do believe we remember how hard season 8 and 9 were to swallow…) perhaps in time.

I am thrilled to have a chance to watch such an entertaining “reboot” and encourage you to watch it New on Fox or Hulu and you can watch the entire first 9 seasons on Netflix! It’s the only thing that may get you back down to earth after the cliffhanger.  I just finished a full round of season 1-7, a little of 8 & 9 and the movies, and now I want to Believe – in Season 11.

Do you believe? Show your little green men support with this pin!

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Top Reasons Why GalaxyFest is the Best Fest of the Season!

GalaxyFest is my favorite way to start the con season every year!

Last year was my 2nd time at this con and I am so happy to be going back for my 3rd time in a row! It is a place for the whole family and every type of person with any sort of fantastical interest.

IMG_20150301_103301One of my very favorite things about it is that it is truly a gathering of all fandoms! While some may have only a steam punk, fantasy, or sci-fi theme for their con/fest, GalaxyFest has open arms for the whole lot! We are all the same deep down right? Be one with the whovians, the zombies, trekkies, ponies and Darth Vader too!

Another great attribute of this wonderful yearly event is that it is to support S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Dedicated to Supporting STEM, Literacy and the Arts, with the support of Space Foundation featuring real live astronauts at GalaxyFest 5. GalaxyFest supports small business and the Colorado Springs downtown as a signature event in 2016. –

f15b7b06c8104b0b3cc478c4b36deb8aThey are in it to win it, folks! It turns out you’re not going to a great event just for cosplay, shopping and experience, but you are also helping your community and the ongoing efforts to educate our communities to enrich all our lives! If you needed justification before, you’ve got it now! 🙂

GalaxyFest has so much to do and see! There are craft tables for the younger crowd, panels in every interest and genre, a kickin’ list of actors, artists and cosplayers ranging from Star Trek, Walking Dead, WWE and then some! See the complete list here!

Speaking of what to do, there is so much more than just interesting panels. There is also a Kid’s Room, Game Room, Makerspace, Theater, Zombie Crawl, Drag Show, Rocky Horror Dance, Costume Contest for kids, adults and pets… to name a few! Check out the schedule and plan your weekend now!

4b070f6112718539bbefe50a51a95004 It is held in downtown Colorado Springs at the Antlers Hotel this February 19th-21st. Tickets range prices from $15 for Friday Child Pass and up throughout the whole weekend! (0-5 year old kids are free!)

Like them on facebook and find out more information at!

And ~ Find my booth by Judge Baldwin’s Restaurant on the main floor! See you there! 🙂

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Let’s Get Groovy & Watch Legends of Tomorrow Together

A long anticipated mega-crossover style show from the CW, Legends of Tomorrow brings time travel, “Super” Heroes and thrilling action with a touch of comedy.

So far while watching the double pilot episodes, we have learned that the rag-tag time-traveling team is a band of schmucks and was chosen by Rory RIP Hunter to go after the super bad dude Vandal Savage. Sure, why not follow the future dude who flashy lighted them to a business proposition held on a rooftop at night? All was going well until the learned that they were chosen because they mean nothing to the world. Probably not the best pick up line, but apparently everyone had an open schedule.


Time travel is one of my favorite things, as Doctor Who is my favorite show. However, whilst traveling through time, you tend to send ripples… and in some cases disrupt history altogether. So far, the Legends of Tomorrow team have caused the apocalypse of 2016, nearly foiled a marriage, and killed what seemed to be a main character. Will they get Savage? Perhaps, and I hope it doesn’t take 20 more episodes to do it.

So far we seem to have these characters stuck in the 70’s. What can we all appreciate from this era besides disco and embarrassing dress attire? Marijuana. Which, coming from a resident of Colorado, hopefully didn’t offend anyone watching the show or create a backlash in some way. Weed is still a bit weird with some folks, but personally scenes with MJ appreciation is like any other bar scene where everyone is drinking the booze, yet it’s rare to actually see anyone inhale… So no harm done, but no points gained. Just keep it groovy.

legends of tomorrow casualThe challenge of this show, is having such a large cast from the start. They have to write it in mind of possible viewers that haven’t seen every Flash and Arrow show to date, and make it independently awesome. I am curious how it shall progress and look forward to the fun they will have with a time machine!

What do you think? Will stand the test of time?


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What Happens When I Binge Watch Gotham for 3 Days

I am currently hooked on Gotham. I had actually been previously avoiding the show, but have now digested nearly the entire first season in 3 days. (I know I could do better but a girls gotta eat…)


So Gotham is a Drama on FOX about the life of James (Jim) Gordon. The one thing you need to do as you embark on watching this show is to throw out all prior knowledge of the Batman Comics, Movies, Animated Shows/Shorts…. all of them. Pretend like you’ve heard of “that Batman character” once ever in your life and know nothing else about any of the characters or general plot line.

I generally don’t watch too dramatic or bummer shows in the “binge” fashion, but this one has me hooked. It is not over-dramatic and the writers are pretty darn good at the “feel” of Gotham. Dark. And more Dark. A little Evil. A little Devious. They had to CG clouds in some scenes for crying out loud. A+

I secretly love all of the bad guys. From the start I was rooting for the Penguin. In fact, I am rather proud of his achievements in moving on up the Bad Guy chain of command. There are not too many jobs in the world that you can start from the bottom and “work” your way to the top in such an effective method.

Fish Mooney is devious, ruthless and an impressive female gangster. I feel she is a great role model for the fine young women of Gotham. Even as a female myself, I feel like I can accomplish so much more with a baseball bat or spoon than ever before. Not to mention how to take charge and forging your life path with the help of goons. Life lessons ladies, take notes. 😉

Who do you get when you mix nerves, politeness and a genius mind? Edward Nygma! And he is a darn right gentleman, with some bad luck… I am quite intrigued and impressed with his good intentions, but he is a bad guy after all… One we can expect great things from, terrible, but great.

Overall, it is a deep, dark show with twisted psychopath characters, corruption and power. I especially love how much I am learning about climbing my way to the top of a mobsters paradise. So, what happens when I watch it for 3 straight days? So far, I have a deeper understanding for the “bad guys”, cloudy weather makes me feel devious, and I have been seriously considering what my villain name would be. I haven’t come up with anything very cool so far, it’s a work in progress…


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Why I Think CBS’s Supergirl’s Episodes are Lacking Something

Supergirl is a new, yet way overdue, TV series on CBS.


Why overdue? I suppose it has something to do with ignoring the character since my favorite incarnation of Supergirl in the 1984 movie Supergirl. Sure it was campy, ridiculous and with that magical 80’s female mentality, but she was flipping awesome. She could even super power her hair brown! Way to at least try to disguise yourself…

Sure we saw her here and there in Young Justice and supporting in other animated films…. But she was always a character long forgotten and ignored. There has been a tough struggle with female superheroes, and that stigma alone is tough to deal with. Wonder Woman has seen some troubles getting the spotlight, as well. Perhaps DC is confident that the Batman VS Superman will introduce her with enough force and mystery that her movie will actually get funded and written properly? Only time will tell.


So why do I think that Supergirl’s episodes are lacking something? Well, it took me some time to put my finger on it as well. I had been able to watch as many episodes as CBS allows me (I’m a stream machine), so I have a good grasp of the show. Let’s talk about a few awesome things they did.

see what they did there super girl See what they did there? Do you recognize these people? They are played by Helen Slater (from the Supergirl movie) and Dean Cain (from Lois and Clark). A little shout out for the fans, worked on me! Good start there in episode 1. Apparently, these scientist friends of Clark Kent raised up Kara. Fine, but we pretty much never see these people again. Fine.

Supergirl-Martian-Manhunter-Hank-HenshawI also like the addition of some neato characters such as the Red Tornado, didn’t see that one coming. Martian Manhunter, good play! Will we see more of Martian Manhunter’s green form? I suppose if the budget allows it….

But, something just makes me fizzle out of excitement by the end of the episodes. Here’s why:
  • No Mystery.
  • Not enough characters you can relate to.
  • Boring “drama”.
  • And dammit, why is love always what girls “want”?!!??!?!?!

Now I don’t expect then to follow any sort of comic book timeline, and CBS should be able to successfully execute their own story with this leniency, but they are stereotypically puking all over the place.

No Mystery: Sure Alex Danvers (Kara’s sister) had a little mystery plot with what had happened with her dad, but that is beyond my point. Supergirl comes to this planet, knows she can do superhero things, knows about her parents and their intentions, has a great job and a questionably nice apartment and seems confident in her personal identity… There was, and still is, a bit of mystery with her Evil Aunt, but how much do you know about your own aunt? Is it enough to drive us to the next episode?

maxwell lordMaxwell Lord is the main story arc drive. Is he B.A. enough? Let’s check out his background via the New Earth DC Comics:

Initially, Lord worked behind the scenes to establish the (Justice) League, while under the control of a villainous computer created by Metron. The computer wanted Max to set up a worldwide peacekeeping organization, as part of its plan to dominate the world. – DC Wikia

This may or may not be his secret drive in this series specifically, but I am really just not interested enough in this guy to care whether or not Supergirl stops him. She will when it’s time, and the time will be at the end of the season. Ooo lala…

Not enough characters you can relate to: As far as I am concerned, there is hardly anyone in the show you can really relate to. What I mean to relate to a person is that you could easily put your self in their shoes, and would have an emotional tie to when something bad may happen. Most of that characters come off way to perfect. Kara has a bit of doofy spunk, but all in all, she comes off a bit bland and either showy or meek. Her sister, Alex, is boring (there I said it). Just because she can shoot a gun and work for a government faction doesn’t make her interesting or relatable.

supergirl-ot3-1451961664And Winn… As a show appealing to an age group of 20 somethings, how many real comic collecting fan boys wear cardigans, button ups and khaki pants? Show of hands? Does his mom dress him everyday? I don’t mind that he’s the impossible tech guy – every superhero needs a tech person. But who can relate to this guy? I know there would be zero chance I would buddy up with this dude in the office. This may sound crazy, but I think they should have made him gay. They still could have had an emotional “coming out” episode and everything if they didn’t portray him from the start as a “Ducky” (male character in love with the female who has no chance – i.e. Pretty in Pink…). It would make him stand out, and be a real person. This character advancement probably could have even won awards for the message, but I’m not sure if CBS is ready for such a bold move unfortunately. :/

Supergirl-Winter-Finale-Review-Cat-GrantDon’t even get me started on Ally McBeal Cat Grant. Are we supposed to care for an egomaniac CEO, with her constant put downs and self entitlement? In real life I would have quit the **** out of that job and probably tried to start her car on fire for spite!! It’s hard to believe that she can be a Grade A ‘B-word’ for the good of Kara? Tough love? That’s how most sociopaths think, too. Bleh. Can I relate to that? Do I have affection and a connection for someone in my life like that? Nope. Pass.

supergirl battle cbsBoring Drama: What a coincidence that all those evil dudes in the Phantom Zone, who crashed along with Kara 12 years ago are just now mostly surfacing and causing a ruckus. I know that every superhero show on air presently has their extremely predictable moments, but I am still waiting to go “Oh snap!”, “What the!?” and “I’m not crying… allergies…” moment. How can we break their drama cyclone of doom?

The best moment, at least my favorite so far, was when we discovered Hank is Martain Manhunter. However, we just let that happen without enough gusto, yet they focused on Cat and her mothers relationship problems for an entire episode. It was very clever of them to make Cat think Kara is Supergirl (as she goes to point out her disguise sucks) and bringing in Hank to imitate Supergirl to keep up the ruse. But these events are just little entertaining snippets while we are lacking true-to-real-people emotional battles and hardships.

evilsupergirl_beats_kara_zpsf0e944f3I want Supergirl to battle with herself. Not like a split personality thing, but if a real person was capable of the powers of Supergirl, could you resist going overboard based on your personal judgement? Are some people allowed to just be arrested? Would you accidentaly kill someone? Being a superhero, you have to deal with crimes and crimes get ugly. It’s not all just saving the kitten out of the tree, there is darkness in crime that Supergirl has barely even touched upon yet. She does have to “battle” the media spinning her in the light of fear, but perhaps one of these times she will give the a good reason to.

supergirl and james olsenLove, lovey, girls, puke, love, bleh: I’m a girl and you know what I’m 100% over? The seemingly necessary love story in any show that has a female present. It’s wildly uncalled for in this first season, not to mention somewhat degrading. As a “woman” of power, why does Kara even need this? Romantic interests and the hardships and tension that follows can drive ratings, but they are playing this game like a soap opera. Yuck.

So Kara is into dreamy James Olson, who by the way, is a taken man!!! He has a woman! I cannot stress this enough, I want to throw something across the room about it! Normal people cut their losses and move on. Do you want to be the rebound Kara? Is this what writers think girls are like?? Be real. Please, please, please, let her just punch holes through walls and people (maybe even James for leading her on a bit), and don’t worry about going on dates until you start acting like a grown up. You want to be called Superwoman, then act like one.

cat grant supergirlPhew, got a little emotional, my apologies. I just recommend to the writers, if you want encourage full mind and body strength in the ladies who are watching, you are going to see Kara be brave and solid in knowing what she wants in life, always. Maybe Cat’s “training” is going to help her… dang.

I expect good things out of this show, and I am going to continue to watch it. It is interesting enough, but I am hopeful for more spunk, pizzazz and genuine action-drama as the season progresses. What do you think about it? Any predictions?

meredith funk is supergirl 1988
Meredith Funk is Supergirl – 1988


Why Should I care so much about Supergirl? Because I am Supergirl.  😀

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5 Reasons Why I’d Love & Hate Living in StoryBrooke (Once Upon a Time)

Once Upon a Time is an enchanting series currently airing on ABC.once upon a time

There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic fairy tale characters we know and love… until a curse trapped them in a place called Storybrooke. After the curse was broken, new dangers, magical forces, and exciting worlds have continued to emerge. –

your some shepherd mkay*So let's say to start this scenario you are just some peasant living in some small unimportant village. You have heard of Snow White, the Evil Queen and all those other heroes and villains, but your life is essentially untouched by their dramas. 

Now let’s go over 5 reasons why living in Storybrooke is both totally awesome AND horrifically terrible.

Let’s start with the good!

  1. beautiful woman with healthy food and waterHealth – Besides the initial enchantment of time standing still, your natural lifespan just doubled. There is a hospital down the street chock full of immunizations and sweet, sweet healthcare. Tired of dirty water? Try bottled! Tired of dysentery? Stop by Granny’s and enjoy some e.coli-free chicken wings! Thank you!
  2. Plumbing – Remember how much fun it was to dig a hole to do your business in? Nothing was better than bathing in 40 degree water running down in a peaceful stream on a crisp autumn morn, right! Wrong!! As the Author made clear at the end of season 4, it is preferable to live among  porcelain treasures such as a toilet. Would you give up the chance for a hot shower?
  3. worker-photoJob Security – When you were poof’d into Storybrooke, you were given a job. Maybe you work at Ganny’s as a server, or at the Pharmacy with Sneezy, or some other little place on the edge of town. No matter, it was one that was given to you without the need for a resume or awkward interview. Of course there is a chance you hate it, but once your memory is returned, at least now you have some job experience and are well on your way to moving on up.
  4. whole world in your handsTechnology – Remember when you wanted to ask someone what they were up to this weekend and you had to set up your horse and travel into town and hunt down that person? Try throwing them a text on your mobile device. Instead of asking the local wizard what weather to expect, google it. Bored? Watch that magic tv box, it is awesome! Running low on sugar? Drive your car on over to the grocery store and pick me up some ice cream while you are at it. 😉
  5. Location, Location, Location – You live in a small seaside town now! Did you know hanging out on a beach is a really great idea, always? Instead of having to grind wheat into flour just to have some bread, pick up a burger to go, and pick a bench overlooking your favorite spot of the ocean. Tired of the water? Take a hike in the lush forest that also borders this visually stunning town. It sure beats watching the fires of burning villages from recent pillaging in the distance.

emma once upon a time image by frivolous whimAll the perks seem really great, but it’s when the heroes and villains start mucking things up and adding magic into a world that has none, that it really starts to turn your life upside down.

Now, here are the 5 reasons I would not want to live in Storybrooke.

memory loss

  1. Constant Memory Loss – So at first, your memories are wiped and replaced with your new identity as a United States, Maine citizen. Not too shabby, you had no prior run-ins with the Evil Queen, so your life is not so bad. Then you get your memories back, no problem, we can adjust. And then again you get transported, out of no where, back to the enchanted forest for a year, then back to StoryBrooke with more memory loss of the past year. This tends to happen, and/or is threatened more times than any innocent bystander would appreciate. It just might wear on you after a while.
  2. Monarchy – Madam Mayor has been mayor for over 30 years, and this is a kind of town no other government is taken into account. Federal and State laws have no effect. People have literally committed murder and were set free because they were sorry, or because there were other things going on. No harm, no foul? These people are constantly in and out of this universe, the remaining population is pretty much screwed.
  3. once-upon-a-time bad babesVillains – They are freaking all over this place. So far, in the 4+ years living your own life and minding your own business, you have had to deal with the Dark One, the Evil Queen, Pan, Cora, the Ice Queen, the Wicked Witch, Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella DeVil, another couple Dark Ones… to name a few. Not to mention demons and monkeys and minions… Even some of the good guys turn to the dark side. You can’t hardly travel down the street without running into some sort of evil, and you better hope not to become an innocent bystander.
  4. Anxiety – Imagine you are enjoying a nice night off, watching this mystical box of entertainment and your peace is interrupted by a shake and burst of light booming out of some barn somewhere. Is it the end? Or perhaps a cloud of glass shards engulfs you with rage and you find yourself hitting your neighbor upside the head with a toaster. What was that all about!? If one more cloud of transportation or earthquake or tornado rolls down the street… My sensibility will fly out the window, maybe even by a freaking flying monkey. Doctor Hopper must be one busy man.Once-Upon-a-Time-5x01-The-Dark-Swan-Zelenas-tornado-portal-approaching-at-Grannys
  5. Trapped – Thanks to the internet you discover the great world you have been bestowed upon, but crap, you can’t leave. Just by trying to leave the border you either loose your true memories, get in a car crash, get impaled by ice, are unable to ever return, turn into a tree…etc. So much for your savings account to Disney World, you are totally screwed my friend.

Stability is what most people look for, whether or not you originally come from the Enchanted Forest some good ol’ small town, USA. It pretty much boils down to consistent impending doom in Storybrooke, and you couldn’t even relocate if you tried. Although, living in the now would be a step up from living in medieval conditions.

Which would you prefer?

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2016 Movie Timeline = Too Much Awesome

UNITED STATES - 1952: Full frame of movie audience wearing special 3D glasses to view film Bwana Devil which was shot with new natural vision 3 dimensional technology. (Photo by J. R. Eyerman/Life Magazine/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

It is almost a new year, so let’s get excited about one thing and make it a resolution as well! Movies! There is going to be an insane amount of awesomeness coming out of 2016, let us revel in every sticky floored, overpriced popcorn, expensive ticketed moment of it!

I have not included any romantic comedies, teenage empowerment, or Oscar driven dramas, etc. These are my top pics for the year. Here we go!

January 29th: Kung Fu Panda 3

Get your movie muscles warmed up with some hilarious Kung Fu action, panda style! This is not a kids movie, it is just a movie you could bring kids to… (Insert justifications here if needed.)

February 12TH: Deadpool

No need for words, just go see it until your eyes bleed, Deadpool would be pleased.

FEBRUARY 12TH: zoolander 2

Personally, I am looking forward to this. Gotta catch a dose of silly here and there. I would have suggested against the same weekend as Deadpool, but models aren’t so smart, right?

February 26th: Gods of Egypt

Does Gerard Butler make movies wearing real clothes anymore? No matter. Here’s an all-action looking ancient Egypt battle movie to satisfy your hardcore viewing needs.

March 4TH: Zootopia

Sure it’s a Disney movie, but let’s face the facts, this adorable flick will have to hold you over because there is not much to look forward to in April.

MARCH 25TH: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Highly anticipated and talked about film of the year! I have seen so many in love and hate over this one, but perhaps that is exactly where they want you to be….

May 6TH: Captain America: Civil War

Right as the Avengers should unite, they are torn apart. Which side are you on?

May 27TH: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Personally, I was quite a big fan of the previous movie. Nothing is better than Mr. Depp in wild makeup. This flick looks just as colorful and mind twisting, good luck Alice!

June 3rd: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Do you like things to blow up? Do you like mutant turtles and other creatures? This is the one for you! Stephen Amell joins the cast as Casey Jones, and I can’t wait to see what product placements April will be up to this time!

June 24th: Independence Day: Resurgence

When I found out about this movie the first thought I had was “genius”. As a population, we can’t get enough of Jeff Goldbloom’s magnificence, can we? 😉

July 15th: Ghostbusters

I know most people are having a cow about this one, but I say we give it a chance. For Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Erin Gilbert, Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd and Chris Hemsworth’s sakes…

July 22nd: Star Trek Beyond

Simon Pegg was a co-writer on this one, so it should be quite a laugh whilst taking you to a New Frontier! I just love that guy, I’d pinch his rosy cheeks if I knew wouldn’t get a restraining order.

August 5th: Suicide Squad

Bad Guys vs Bad Guy. Place you bids folks, I have a feeling everyone is going to loose and win. Evil begets evil after all…

October 7th: Gambit

Channing Tatum will be the powerful energy flinger known as Gambit. Not much is known about this movie, and is still in pre-production. There is a chance this may be pushed back, which is fine if that means a more meaningful and bad-ass movie.

October 21st: Underworld: Next Generation

The 5th installment! These movies first came out when I was still in highschool (a while ago…)! This series, however, is definitely how I prefer my vampires – not sparkly and with Kate Beckinsale. (What an ageless babe!)

November 4th: Doctor Strange

Guys, Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange. Smart choice producer people. They wanted him to play the part so bad, they actually postponed production for him! I am willing to wait.

December 16th: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rebels set out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. A prequel to A New Hope, the story follows how the Death Star plans are procured. Pew pew! Dudes, I think we can pretty much expect a new Star Wars movie every year. What a beautiful world it is. 😀
Star Wars: Rogue One L to R: Actors Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, Felicity Jones, Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen Photo Credit: Jonathan Olley ©Lucasfilm 2016

Well, that completes my list of top “woohoo” movies of the year. You know what, it’s not even complete. We have so much more to look forward to! Don’t even get me started on TV Shows as well… We are living in the silver screen age of glory, people. Revel in it!

What are you looking forward to the most?

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If you don’t want to talk Star Wars, Let’s talk Doctor Who

Unlike most of you going to see the Star Wars movie coming out this weekend, this lady (points thumb at self) is trying to create a spoiler free entertainment zone (until further notice). And, being a true fanatic of the best show shown on Earth, am way too excited for this years Doctor Who Christmas Special! Bring it on Doctor Song!doctor-who-the-husbands-of-river-songBefore we get too timey whimey, here is what we know, or can assume, about the special. Doctor River Song (what a babe) is in a reverse timeline from the Doctor. So the more she see’s him, the less he knows about her, and the more he see’s her, the less she knows about him. So, supposedly, she has no idea who this old dude is.

Steven Moffat had an interview with the Radio Times and had this to say about River Song’s timeline in this episode:

It doesn’t really matter but for those who care, it’s immediately after The Angels Take Manhattan [2012] so she’s just seen Matt Smith’s Doctor lose Amy and Rory, and obviously before The Name of the Doctor [2013] because she’s dead in that.

Moffat also went on to reason why he brought River back for the Christmas Special:

Obviously, we’ve just lost Clara so I didn’t want to go straight into a new companion, and it’s not right to set that up at the end of a series where you’re all exhausted. So, I’ll be honest, I brought River Song back in because I thought there’s a possibility I’d never write it [Doctor Who] again so that’ll be my goodbye. But also I really fancied it. I hadn’t written River for a couple of years and I’d always loved writing for her and I’d missed her. I thought, given that I’m knackered at the end of a series, what would be a treat for me would be getting Alex Kingston back onto Doctor Who.

doctor-who-christmas-special-husbands-of-river-song-2Let’s hope Moffat is ready to keep up his legacy with what he has brought to Doctor Who’s table!  Either way, I am wildly looking forward to the next companion! This time, I hope we get more of a team together. One on one is always fun, when they aren’t falling in love with the Doctor, but I think a group of people supporting where the Doctor lacks, will create a dynamic good enough to change the universe! Only time will see!

But for now, the next step is the Christmas Special! Merry Christmas Doctor. <3

Get your Doctor Who jewelry and show the universe Who you love. 😉

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12 Unnecessary Star Wars Products

have you seen this before
Hey, did you guys know a new Star Wars movie came out? J/K.

yoda cat

Product placement has taken over your shelves, and other unnecessary areas of our lives for years. Heck, even our pets are aware of Star Wars by now.

Some things make sense. Apparel, as a consumer and a fan, we search for things to wear. Memorabilia, such as posters and replica’s are a favorite. Even Soup and pasta is somewhat normal. But where do we start crossing the line from “That’s a neat idea” into “Are you kidding me?”


Let’s compare apples and oranges. Now, let’s throw in some grapes. I know it may be hard to get kids (even some adults) to eat healthy, but out of the package these treats turn back into normal fruit.

BB8 probably is wondering where the oranges head is.
Just because the dude is green…
star wars apples
What other fruit would you put Vader on?

And any other kind of Food

I have seen Star Wars on gum, juice, frozen treats, cereal, coffee creamer, dairy, meats… Just pick an isle in a grocery store and I guarantee you will find somewhere between 2-25 things having to do with Star Wars.

Notice the way the chip image really encompasses the aura of the character.
I am so thirsty! If only I had some Star Wars to drink. Oh, I mean water.

Clean with the force

Maybe vacuum sales are down? Maybe they are just trying to put a little zazzle back in chores. Who knows, but these exist.

Guess the bad guys like to get their hands dirty.

Perfect gifts for those who have everything

We all thought TV aquariums were cool, but those are so retro. Go even further back in time with this R2D2 Aquarium. It makes no sense, but it is awesome. And with this Death Star tea infuser, when someone asks you how would like your tea, you say “on the Dark Side”.

Probably the least practical fish tank option.
star wars tea
Chances are this works best with dark teas.

New Style, New You

I’d wear a Star Wars shirt, maybe a satchel, socks, jacket or undroo’s… But some things are a bit unnecessary. Crocs have it hard enough, let’s move along quickly.

I only want to wear what Chewy would actually wear.

This looks fun and creepy

If you need a gift for a white elephant party or are a compulsive collector, then this is for you! Seriously though, if you can’t at least make it cute, then don’t make it at all.

This is just…. What are you looking at!?!

These are just… Wrong

Perhaps Jar Jar is going a little far for some action. And C-3P0, as a protocol droid, should know this is a bit… suggestive.

“I find your tape usage disturbing.”
I… just… it’s… nope…. no…. stop.


It’s a tough world of consumerism out there. They are all competing for your money. Is it working?

Why not get something you’ll actually like. Check this out. 🙂

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5 Things I Love and Hate about CW’s Flash

Have you seen The Flash? If not, do it and be quick. If so, then you may have thought these thoughts. I do love the show, have not been without an episode so far! But, it’s not the CW if it doesn’t totally bug me from time to time.

the flashThe CW is known for its pretty people and drama, which is not always a bad thing, but can sometimes be misplaced. The Flash show has it’s share of these traits, though they are balanced enough to successfully entertain me. However, some parts of the plot can encourage generous hair pulling. Let’s start with the stuff that makes me growl at my TV.

  1. S.T.A.R._Labs_the_FlashNo one can lock the front door at STAR Labs apparently. I swear… We’ve got our buddy the Arrow and he operates underneath a freaking club, and we don’t see drunk couples trying to make out down in his lair. If I had a dollar every time someone popped up in STAR Labs who shouldn’t have been there…
  2. Lost Consistency. For example, if you are a strong motivational role model, you have to be strong in every episode and have to hold yourself to it, too. Barry has a tendency to be a little “I don’t know if I can do it (despite the times I have done it before)” so everyone has to be all pity party and “We believe in you!”. Have you ever had that one friend who always needed to be reassured? Get’s a bit old. We can’t hold your hand Barry, you’re too fast. I do understand characters have personal obstacles to overcome and grow from, but once you jump that hurdle, keep jumping. If your bad ass, then stay bad ass.
  3. metahuman prison doorMisplaced talking scenes. Has anyone else noticed that they really take advantage of their sets? Even this last episode, Joe and Barry had a conversation about Joe finding out about Wally in the doorway to the metahuman prison. Beautiful yes, but it’s like if you wanted to talk to someone and then walked down the longest hallway you could find into a basement techno room, and then started your conversation.
  4. Barry needs to be the Flash way more often than he is. So let’s say you (yes you reading) just got the same super powers. Congrats and welcome to the speed force! Now you’ve discovered that you can catch a bullet, move a victim 5 blocks away, come back and give a wedgie to every evil doer while disarming and cuffing them. That’s neat. Now you’re in another battle and you start talking about your feelings… and the evil dude is talking about all the bad stuff he’s going to do… and you finally try to stop him and it’s too late. What happened!? I need the Flash to be fast from the start, don’t doddle, and maybe start with your end move. 🙂
  5. The-Flast-Cast-Comic-Con-the-flash-cw-38647441-500-200Everyone has secrets, and that’s getting old. First Joe finds out about Barry. Then they keep it a secret from Iris. Then Eddie finds out and keeps it from Iris. Then Iris dumps him, pretty much, for having secrets. Finally at the end of the season, now everyone knows about Barry. Now, Cisco is a metahuman and doesn’t tell anyone…. for some reason. Then Iris’s mom comes to town, she has a secret about Wally. Then Iris doesn’t tell Joe about Wally (hypocritical much?). Then she finally does. Now we’ve got a bunch of come-and-go characters that know about Barry, but leaves his girlfriend Patty in the dark. You see what I mean!? Secrets! Bah, just let it all out people!

Well enough complaining. I wouldn’t watch the show if it bugged me too much, and my current dedication to watching it is a statement of how much I actually enjoy it. Here are my top 5 reasons why I love this show:

  1. flashback the flashThey tie in characters from the 1990’s Flash. Did you know Barry’s dad was the Flash of his own show? Mark Hamill, the Trickster, and Amanda Pays, Dr. Tina McGee, also play their same roles from the earlier show. I love tie ins!
  2. There aren’t very many uncomfortable, talky, huggy, kissy, fluffy scenes. What I mean by this is the gratuitous “You’re my everything” scenes with tears, cupids and violins don’t take over. Sure some people kiss and are cute, but not too many (Typical CW) scenes that make glitter and kittens want to bleed from your eyes. They are well placed and typically awkward or funny.
  3. cisco is adorbsSpeaking of funny, the comic relief is balanced. Each character has a wonderful personality, and the actors incharge of them do a fantastic job. Cisco is probably one of my favorite funny guys on the show, and I’m glad that Caitlin isn’t the Flash’s “Felicity Smoak” (my initial concern). The Flash as a character has always been a bit of a comedian, and I’m glad that the overall humor of this show holds true to that.
  4. All the episodes in The Flash try to have substantial and interesting meaning. When you have a series of 20+ episodes, they tend to get a little boring in the middle of the run. There always seems to be the “formula” episodes that are just plain uninteresting and does nothing for the story arc for most series. But, I feel the Flash either discovers a new power, crucial info for the main story-line, or reveals and solves previous mysteries in every single episode. Thank you for that!
  5. the_flash_and_arrowThe Arrow and Flash are friends! Crossovers are the best! When Barry first showed up on the Arrow’s doorstep, I was like “Holey Lightning Bolts, Batman!” I am just so infatuated with the popularity of superheros and the wonderful things they think up of to entertain us. It’s not only genius on a marketing standpoint, but gives the viewers a taste of both worlds! Well done you crafty writers. Well done.

Overall, I love this show. I feel I will undoubtedly be able to re-binge on this show in the years to come, and that is a very important quality to possess. I eagerly await the new challenges Barry will endure. Until the next episode! 😀the flash

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Batman & Superman, Dawn of Relationship Problems


Where to start… Batman is probably one of my very top favorite superheroes, for real. Ever since the very first time I saw the classic Batman and Robin with Adam West and Burt Ward.

batman-the-making-of-a-hero-tim-burton-batman-documentaryAnyhoo, Batman has undergone MANY changes throughout his evolution of existence. Personally, I did like the initial Tim Burton installments, for the time. He really accentuated the comic book-turned-film style that was new and exciting, and not straying too far away from the broody and moody Batman. The Dark Knight, was just that. Dark, not to mention gloomy. I actually thought that was well balanced, well acted, and spews the true feeling of Batman. Which in essence is justice beyond that of right and wrong.

So how do we introduce Mr. Super Doops and the Bats? As we have been shown in the brand spanky new trailer, it appears Lex Luthor is having a party. Perhaps he knew who they really are, or not. Either way, Tight Pants confront Gloomy Boy about Batman, and discovers that Bruce is not a fan. Having such a bullied past, it may be hard on Clark to realize that not everyone will like you. My therapist says this is something that is normal, and we can overcome this together. Superman needs to build a bridge, and try not to fight Batman on it.

bro hug instructionsSo beyond what we know from the trailer and list of cast members, I can only think of one possible ending of this, mostly ending in “Sorry babe, let’s work this out”, maybe a quick bro hug. I’m sure Wonder Woman will throw in the usual, “Stop it you two…” Eye roll.

The only way we know this is going to end up working out is because the Justice League exists! If you end up skipping out on Batman Vs. Superman, I suggest just binging on The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Animated Series. They are fantastic, more than any movie can try, CGI’s got nothing on 6 years of the best voice talent and storytelling ever animated. (Well maybe not EVER, but you feel me.)justice league

In the end, this story has already been told. It has been in the comic books several times, in individual animated movies, and animated series. Batman and Superman are buddies, in  a love/hate, “I have a basement full of kryptonite”, sort of way. They are just a couple of powerful dudes in it for the same reasons. They may have been led on their path in different ways, but have ended up together, fighting evil and saving the innocent for the better of all, and who could ask for a better love story action movie?

Get some gear and be ready for the release! $5 for the keychain, $10 each necklace in my Etsy store! Click the picture of your favorite and find out more!

Batman vs superman black cutout necklace (5) batman vs superman logo keychain batman vs superman logo necklace chain (2)

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It’s about time I read Harry Potter again

harry potter vol 1Despite how awesome the new covers are, the Harry Potter magic is held within.

I have even just stumbled upon Pottermore, a website that expands on the wizarding universe and Harry’s family. Did you know Harry was born in 1980? Mind blown. My 90’s childhood experience was crap next to this kids. I would have skipped the MC Hammer pants and traded Gak in for freaking magic.

I have just started reading the series again to my 7 year old son, and he loves it. A brilliant tale with your classic underdog turned top dog story, filled with mystery, heartbreak and joy.

It definitely has inspired some designs from me, more to come as we read on no doubt.

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's Nimbus 2000 and 2001 quidditch broom stick necklace (2)

Harry potter golden snitch stud post earrings foxyfunk costume  quidditch griphendor (3)

The Nimbus 2000 and 2001, ready to whisk you away in a fierce Quidditch game! $12 in Etsy. And the Golden Snitch are weasley little balls that you must be clever to catch! $9 in Etsy.


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Oh Crap, Clara’s Dead

Doctor Who is my favorite show probably ever. I think Peter Capaldi is doing a bang up job of a crotchety ol’ man whose mere existence is to save people, show off and never stop surviving. Clara was his 1st big loss as the 12th Doctor. I nearly cried. Very close, but you didn’t get me this time Who!

face the raven doctor who

*Spoiler Alert Time* I advise you see the episode before reading~

Why no little baby wuss tears? Well, the very SECOND that it was mentioned that the Quantum Shade bestowed upon Rigsy could transfer hosts, I knew what was going to happen. Dang it Clara, you silly girl. I do have to mention, if she had walked in some mystical way showing her with Mr. Pink, then I would have lost it.

Ok, so Clara “Faced” the Raven, if you will, and now is dead. The next episode shows where the Doctor gets transported and is trapped in his “Last Will & Testament” of sorts. But he is not just tormented by himself, he is driven by Clara to go on. And not in the old fashion Doctor way… At the end of each passing, through the winding halls of his nightmares that have defined his life, he realizes where and what he is. So what does he do about it? He punches his way through a 20 feet deep rock wall harder than diamonds. Punches. It only took him a few billion years. If that’s not grieving, I don’t know what is.

Well, that is the end of Clara, or is it? She is the impossible girl. In theory, she was scattered through the entire universe indefinitely, intertwined with the Doctor’s time stream. This is the end of the original Clara, or maybe she had already died at Christmas last year. We’ll never know.

face the raven

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Why Netflix’s Jessica Jones is like the Labyrinth with Superpowers

There are a few spoilers, so watch out.

jessica jonesNetflix’s Jessica Jones is great! It is also exactly VERY much like the Labyrinth. Here are my reasons why, and when you watch it next you will see it what I mean.

It is my belief that nearly all of the characters in Jessica Jones are in the Labyrinth, and they obtain extremely similar characteristics, or drive, to the story line.

    • Jessica Jones and the LabyrinthJessica Jones is Sarah Williams. Apart from being the main protagonist, both lovely ladies seek freedom for an innocent victim. Jessica begins her journey after she fell victim to one evil purple people eater. Once he resurfaces, her journey begins to end his sinister tyranny once and for all. Sarah begins her journey after a harmless phrase topples her world into one ruled by the Golbin King who will go to no end to seduce her to his will. Unfortunately for him, she’s a teenager so…. ya, nope. Each of these strong willed, strong minded and just plain tough ladies refuse control from their well dressed and tormenting psychotic stalkers.
    • hope is tobyHope Schlottman is Baby Toby. They are the driving force for our hero’s drive to defeat the big bad villain and be saved. Baby Toby was abducted to draw Sarah into the labyrinths trap. Hope was mind controlled and Kilgrave led Hope’s parents to be the initial bait into the his trap for Jessica. Hope went the extra 9 yards when she stuck a wine glass stem into her throat, which was her final act to ensure Jessica will do what needs to be done. Wowza.
    • Luke Cage is Ludo, kinda. Though Luke and Jessica’s relationship is a straight mess, she doesn’t hesitate to help this tough guy out of a bind of a bar fight. A little like when Ludo was captive by little soldiers, Sarah built trust with Ludo by his rescue and immediate acceptance of his differences. They each are tough guys that provide both muscle and friendship. But Luke Cage is freaking Luke Cage, so that changes a few things.
    • Ruben and Robyn are like The Wiseman and his Hat. For seriously. They are semi-helpful… when it comes to banana bread… and, Robyn is a cryptic hippie. ok, maybe this one was just for fun. 😉
    • Malcolm is Sir DidymusMalcolm is Sir Didymus. Faithful. Dedicated. Noble. Just. Maybe Sir Didymus didn’t have a heroin addiction, and that’s OK. Sir Didymus did start off a bit like a fluffy wacko, so it’s the same but different. Both a little rocky at first and have allegiance to the big bad guy, but once they find their courage, they are both unstoppable forces of good.
    • trish is hoggleTrish Walker is Hoggle. They may look as opposite as possible, but they are quite alike. They are the right hand man (or Lady) of our heroes. Trish is Jessica’s adoptive sister and supports Jessica til the end. She will even go on to fight side by side with Jessica as Hellcat! (Hopefully) Hoggle takes to Sarah almost immediately (bribes count). Sure he agreed to drug her so she could go to a roofie induced masquerade, a few slips here an there are normal in healthy relationships. Ultimately Hoggle is willing to risk his life for her, and goes on to battle at the gates of the Goblin King castle.

Kilgrave is Jareth from labyrinth

  • Kilgrave is Jareth. These dudes have issues. Kilgrave, most unfortunately, meets Jessica and is so very intrigued by her, he falls “in love” with her. But now, she is the only person who is unable to be controlled by Kilgrave, after many horrid events. He has no power over her. Jareth seeks the love of the girl whose been in his dreams as much as he’s been in her imagination. He tortures her, drugs her, threatens her family, tries to recreate her childhood home for a sense of comfort and trust, and begs for her love. Oh wait, that goes for both of them… Exactly. Well, “You have no power over me”. You loose suckers.
  • I had a hard time peggin’ Will Simpson. He’s a cop turned bad guy, turned good guy, turned bad guy so…. Suggestions welcome. Should the Labyrinth been a show, or had a sequel lined up, there surely would have been a rogue friend character to stir the plot in the oncoming series.

LabyrinthSo that’s that. Perhaps you find some ways you agree, maybe not. Basically both these features follow basic character personas (seen in almost anything you watch) and are lucky enough to also be based on crazy sociopath lover boys. That is the main similarity in the end. It’s just the childhood home thing…. heebie-jeebies.

I love both Jessica Jones and the Labyrinth. I suggest you go watch both as soon as possible, and ever after. 😀


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Let’s let Zygons be Zygons

Oh crap the Zygons. The Zygon invasion episodes, of this present season (9th) of Doctor Who, quite possibly may be my favorite episodes this season has offered thus far.


If you are unfamiliar with the Zygons, they are weird looking aliens with suckers all about and the power to not only turn into an exact copy of any human, but also know what is in their minds. Yeesh.

The story goes that 10 million Zygons live within planet Earth disguised as humans, meant to live out their lives harmoniously. Of course there is a rebel group wanting to be free of their human image shackles. The logo making up this set of earrings and necklace is an image of the rebels war symbol. Are you a part of the revolution?zygon invasion inversion doctor who season 9 war symbol (2)


Earrings and necklace both only $9, or get the set for $15!

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Invasion of the Cybermen!

Cybermen! One of the many reappearing foes of the ever-clever Doctor Who! Beware the Cybermen, they might delete you!
…Unless you’re a tame and useful Cyberman head that the Doctor befriended at the end of season 7 named Handles.

handles and who

Twas a very good Doctor Who story, if you haven’t seen it – you should! Handles was by the side of the Doctor for hundreds of years, helping defend the town called Christmas.

Here is my rendition of dear Handles, may he R.I.P. ~ Find them here!

Doctor Who Cyberman Head Earrings

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Top 10 Doctor Who Companions – So They Say

It’s probably quite obvious by now that I am quite fond of Doctor Who. I have yet to fully dive into the original series, as I have only seen a fraction of what the past has to offer. I also condone watching series backwards. – If you ever want to understand River Song more, do that! It’s awesome!

Anyhoo, I stumbled across a lovely Watchmojo video on the Doctor’s Top 10 Companions. I nearly agree with them all! Spoilers: Rose is not #1. To date, my favorite is Clara. There I said it!

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The Tenth Kingdom

13Recently, I have been re-watching The Tenth Kingdom, a miniseries from a time long past (2000).

10th kingdom

This miniseries came out when I was 14 years old. I have to say it just might be the worst thing to show any coming of age young person… Mostly because of the typical story line of completely sexualized, out of context and enraging unrealistic relationships between all of the characters. But this is not a plot hole, feminism, nor realism comparison article. Overall I really, really like this miniseries.

“A father and daughter are caught in a parallel universe where the great queens Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood have had their kingdoms fragmented by warring trolls, giants and goblins.” – IMDB

Essentially, Virginia and her dad get stuck in a fairy tale land and accidentally have to care for a prince-turned-dog, whilst being helped by a bad-turned-good wolf man who falls in love with Virginia. A wicked witch threatens to take over the world, or 9 Kingdoms in this reality, as is their stereotype.

There is drama, suspense, action and adventure! Oh, and love too… You can easily expect that each characters personal journey is riddled with good intentions gone wrong and triumph over impending doom. The plot twist is both typical and well played and there is a happily ever after, as to be expected.

I have always enjoyed fairy tales, as you might expect from my line of “Once Upon a Time…” items, especially when the tales of the past meld with the tales yet to be. I recommend it if you have never seen it, but maybe don’t watch it with your kids. 😀