EST. 2014
Colorado Springs, CO USA


If I could tell my 9 year old, Lisa Frank loving, pig tailed little self that I was going to grow up to be a jewelry designer, I would have totally flipped my sh*t.

1988 was a good year for me.

I’ve always been kinda weird.

As a typical human person, I wandered through life somewhat aimlessly. I started working at some restaurant and eventually got promoted to Manager. Oh boy, I wasn’t a fan of that, let me tell ya. I worked there 8 crazy terrible years.

I started digging up and out of that hole by selling stuff on eBay. Next thing I knew, I had a laser.

Once I dipped my toes in the Etsy fountain, being a strung out restaurant manager was over. Well, it took about a year, but then I was out! Freaking Freedom!!!

Now I have this online store with twice as much stuff on it than any of my other sites, travel to shows year round and have a holy cow of a good time every damn day!

I started this journey in early 2014 and it is nowhere near over. Here’s to a zillion more years and a zillion more cool AF designs for you people to enjoy!  

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