What Happens When I Binge Watch Gotham for 3 Days

I am currently hooked on Gotham. I had actually been previously avoiding the show, but have now digested nearly the entire first season in 3 days. (I know I could do better but a girls gotta eat…)


So Gotham is a Drama on FOX about the life of James (Jim) Gordon. The one thing you need to do as you embark on watching this show is to throw out all prior knowledge of the Batman Comics, Movies, Animated Shows/Shorts…. all of them. Pretend like you’ve heard of “that Batman character” once ever in your life and know nothing else about any of the characters or general plot line.

I generally don’t watch too dramatic or bummer shows in the “binge” fashion, but this one has me hooked. It is not over-dramatic and the writers are pretty darn good at the “feel” of Gotham. Dark. And more Dark. A little Evil. A little Devious. They had to CG clouds in some scenes for crying out loud. A+

I secretly love all of the bad guys. From the start I was rooting for the Penguin. In fact, I am rather proud of his achievements in moving on up the Bad Guy chain of command. There are not too many jobs in the world that you can start from the bottom and “work” your way to the top in such an effective method.

Fish Mooney is devious, ruthless and an impressive female gangster. I feel she is a great role model for the fine young women of Gotham. Even as a female myself, I feel like I can accomplish so much more with a baseball bat or spoon than ever before. Not to mention how to take charge and forging your life path with the help of goons. Life lessons ladies, take notes. 😉

Who do you get when you mix nerves, politeness and a genius mind? Edward Nygma! And he is a darn right gentleman, with some bad luck… I am quite intrigued and impressed with his good intentions, but he is a bad guy after all… One we can expect great things from, terrible, but great.

Overall, it is a deep, dark show with twisted psychopath characters, corruption and power. I especially love how much I am learning about climbing my way to the top of a mobsters paradise. So, what happens when I watch it for 3 straight days? So far, I have a deeper understanding for the “bad guys”, cloudy weather makes me feel devious, and I have been seriously considering what my villain name would be. I haven’t come up with anything very cool so far, it’s a work in progress…


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