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Like Re-Selling? Follow my YouTube favs – RALLIROOTS!

I’ve talked about eBay in my one of my vlogs. I have been selling on eBay for years! I sell my jewelry in one store, and random stuff in another. It’s a little bit of a side hustle for me to wiggle free stuff off my family members and sell them! How devious I am! So, of course, I ran across RALLIROOTS and their adventures in the eBay reselling game!

If you want to make a few extra bucks this summer and would like to venture into selling online – check these guys out! You will learn about which brands are big $, what to avoid, and awesome tricks on ranking, listing, pictures and more!

I love these guys SO much, I just HAD to make them a lil something to show my appreciation! In this video, you will see what I made them just after the 9 min mark, but watch from the beginning! They bring a lot of value to the table! Definitely follow their youtube channel!

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Meet Alex Doll – Custom Pieces for a One of a Kind Gal!

Meet Alex Doll! From Washington, DC, this devious masterpiece runs Atomic Doll Productions, where she creates old school carnival sideshow experiences for clients such as ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’, ‘Shocked and Amazed’, even major networks! She regularly performs various amazing feats, such as swallowing razor sharp razor blades, cuddling and high-heel kicking on a bed of nails and piercing her delicate skin with needles to the delight and cringe worthy swooning of her audiences!

Ms. Alex Doll contacted me through Etsy for some customized Mad Max pendants back in 2015. Now that she had a contact with a laser lady, I was asked to make some custom pendants for her own Etsy Shop and audiences!

She is absolutely a sight to be seen! Do befriend her Facebook Page for upcoming shows and check out her collection of oddities in her Etsy Shop!

Shout out to John Detrich (Main Top Post Image) for his amazing art! If you like all things ODD or need one of a kind art for yourself or posters & more for your business, then you have to follow this guy: Instagram : Website

And of course, should you need custom pendants made for your business and interests, Contact Me!

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Have a Superhero Summer Time! Movies ~ Recipes ~ Fun!

superhero water skiThe weather is hot, your ice cream is melting, Comic Conventions are all over the land and there are some awesome movies coming out!

Perhaps you are going on a vacation, wish you were, or prefer a nice stay-cation? One thing is for sure, a summer filled with Super-Summertime fun, is a summer to remember!

a Few Summer Movies to Look Forward to:

Conventions this Summer

Perhaps you are looking for a Cool Comic and/or Nerdy themed Convention to go to? Check out this list by date and find one near you!

Make it a Party with Superhero Snacks
kryptonite rock candy
Easily create some Kryptonite with this easy recipe -> Click the Pic. (Or you can just buy some green Rock Candy.)
Make Thors Hammer with easy to obtain ingrediants follow this easy recipe -> Click the Pic.
Have a Super-Summer

No matter what you do this summer, just have a WONDER-ful time and be SAFE! 😀

xmen beach scene

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Choose a New Design Time ~ Poll

I have notebooks full of scribbles of new designs!! Here is your chance to vote on what you’d like to see me make the most next. Take a look at these awesome summertime images of inspiration and vote on the poll below!

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How I Would Feel if Super Heroes Were Really Real

xmenYou find yourself falling from a building, or strapped to a bomb by some crazy villain, or tied to a train track. In our real world, you are pretty screwed. But all of a sudden here comes a bird, or a plane, or wait! A superhero and you are saved!!! Wait… What!?

What if scenario #1: There were always superheroes.

Life is pretty normal. There are still kids riding bikes in the streets, people struggling to pay their rent, superheroes trying to ward of the recent threat of nuclear destruction by the recent up and coming villain…

This is a popular scenario and always an interesting one. Many stories of this nature involve segregation (X-Men), militarization (Hydra), and eradication (X-Men… again).  The differences between people have caused real harm to our actual history and would most likely translate to this scenario. Which is bad! Imagine the if the X-Men movies were real! Devastation and mutant wars and mind control – oh my!

the flashWhat if scenario #2: All of a sudden, there are superheroes.

Ok, let’s say a Particle Accelerator exploded, you know, like in the Flash, and now there are “metahumans” all over the freaking place.

First, most might not be so bad. Some people might just get the ability to pass calculus, other might get hecka good at tying shoes. However, to the lucky few, you may find yourself able to fly, have x-ray vision, telekinesis, the usual.

we water manThat’s if all ends well. Remember in the first X-Men movie, when Magneto builds a machine to change all humans into mutants? Well, that didn’t work out for the best in all cases… Yuck.

What if scenario #3: Us “normal folk” have no idea there are superheroes (or very many of them).

This scenario is usually the shortest lived. In most original superhero stories that try to keep it a secret of their powers, something happens to blow the cover. In the pilot of most recent Supergirl show, she finds herself having to save a falling plane containing her adoptive sister. Nice of her to save just the one after all these years, take what you can get I guess.

Supergirl-Martian-Manhunter-Hank-HenshawIt’s not hard to imagine why a mutant, metahuman or alien would want to stay under the radar. You may risk what normal life you have with imprisonment, experimentation, and all sorts of bad stuff. If I had some sort of super powers, I would certainly keep them to myself. It’s hard enough having to help all the old ladies reach the top shelves at the supermarket… 😉