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June 6th – National Drive In Day – It’s Making a Come Back!

Get a carload of friends or Fam and head to your nearest drive-in! Use #DriveInMovieDay to post on social media. National Drive-In Movie Day is observed annually on June 6th.  Richard M. Hollingshead Jr. of Camden, New Jersey was the creator of the drive-in theater. Hollingshead’s drive-in opened in New Jersey on June 6, 1933. […]

Saguaro Cactus Plants Are Weirdly Awesome – Facts

The Saguaro Cactus are those huge iconic “classic” desert residents that make for some beautiful art and jewelry designs. But, what do you really know about these prickly ol’ plants? Here are some facts to up your trivia knowledge and impress your friends! The saguaro cactus is the largest cactus in the United States, and […]

Meet Alex Doll – Custom Pieces for a One of a Kind Gal!

Meet Alex Doll! From Washington, DC, this devious masterpiece runs Atomic Doll Productions, where she creates old school carnival sideshow experiences for clients such as ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’, ‘Shocked and Amazed’, even major networks! She regularly performs various amazing feats, such as swallowing razor sharp razor blades, cuddling and high-heel kicking on a […]

Have a Superhero Summer Time! Movies ~ Recipes ~ Fun!

The weather is hot, your ice cream is melting, Comic Conventions are all over the land and there are some awesome movies coming out! Perhaps you are going on a vacation, wish you were, or prefer a nice stay-cation? One thing is for sure, a summer filled with Super-Summertime fun, is a summer to remember! […]