Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self – February is Self Check Month

Of course you should be squeezing you nimbly bits on the regular, but what National Self -Check Month is aiming for is TOTAL LIFE HEALTH. We’re talking a healthy body, lifestyle, outlook – the works.


I am in my mid 30’s and know other 30 something year old people that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, diabetes, MS and more.

There is no age limit for terrible diseases. Lucky for us, we live in a time that has a whole lot of treatment options.

Did you know, there are vaccines out there – for adults – that aren’t just for the flu? You don’t have to be going into the 6th grade to get shot up with tasty life saving medicines.

Here’s one for example – HPV Vaccine. And HERE is a whole list!

As a mother, wife and best friend to other people in the world, it is seriously worth being on top of your health. Beyond squeezing and poking around your own body, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and prancercise that sexy ass of yours! suggests a Mediterranean Diet and Meditation to manage stress.

If you are worried about what your insurance covers (or if you don’t have insurance) there are plenty of companies that provide FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS and I super duper suggest finding one near you! You can find out about your cholesterol and iron levels, blood sugar, as well as clues into other possible ailments you might have. You’ve got nothing to lose. Seriously.

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