March Meet the Maker – Meet the Real ME, Meredith Funk

It’s March again! Though this month seems to come every year, I haven’t really partook in the whole #MarchMeettheMaker thing – until now. I want you to know, this will be a glimpse at who I really am folks, spoiler alert – I am no #blessed social starlet, I am a real goddamn person.

The Mid 80’s – I was Born

Being about 2 weeks late to my estimated Earth arrival time, I nearly died the day of my birth thanks to having literally taken my first dump in utero. Yep, this is how my story starts people. Covered in shit. ( I warned you )

So, the 80’s were pretty great but the 90’s are where I really figured out this life thing. I discovered Power Rangers, Bill Nye, first kisses and what it takes to get suspended from middle school. Hint: Graffiti

I smoked weed with a homeless man out of a soda can in a park, skipped school and had all the Spice Girls songs memorized. I was immortal. Then came the futuristic year 2000.

My parents had been divorced for some time and my mother’s newest husband got a job away from Colorado to Austin, Texas. So off to Texas we go. Boo.

Perhaps it was being away from my friends and fam, my mom and step-dad’s alcohol and substance abuse, puberty or all of the above that blew up my stress to full grown panic attacks. Literally fearing the world outside my front door led to my leaving school after only completing 6 weeks. They call this agoraphobia.

I got over it by inching my way into 24 hour Walmarts in the dead of night. 1st night my mom driving to parking lot. 2nd night, stepping out of car. 3rd night getting to the entrance, and so on… Luckily I could go outside again and, to this day, still struggle with random panic attacks but I like to think that I can cope somewhat effectively.

Fast Forward to the Year 2007

Some years after high school, I moved to Denver, got deep into the karaoke bar scene, met a boy, got married and knocked up. No need to waste time, lol!

Once my baby Charlie was born, life was sure different! After years of temp work in the sky-risers of Downtown Denver, I settled in a restaurant and climbed their corporate ladder.

Making Jewelry was an Accident

Now a restaurant manager, I was doing everything I could to get out of my 50-60 hour job away from my cute little spawn.

My husband made me triforce pendants from some scrap acrylic he was using at a MakerSpace in 2013. When I wore them to work, tons of customers and fellow employees wanted a pair! I started designing on my own and by 2014 “FoxyFunk Designs” was created, I opened an Etsy store and started this ride! Mother’s Day 2015 was my last day as a Restaurant Manager, and I’ve never looked back.

The Now…

FoxyFunk Designs turned into “It’s Just So You” January 2019. I love to travel around Colorado selling at many comic cons and other nerdy events.

This has truly become a dream job, not only is making jewelry very calming, it helps my panic attacks at bay. It hasn’t always been easy, and there are plenty of times I’ve wanted to quit, but perseverance is key!

The one thing I’ve learned is life isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I like to work hard and every time I get a thank you from a customer, I know I’ve done my purpose. I am here for you guys! I want you to feel like you can express yourself. My whole life has led up to this moment, and I just wanted to share a little bit about me – to you.

Have an Awesome Day!


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