Make a Kid a Mozart – March is National Music in Our Schools Month!

Being a mother of a middle school aged kid, I can say first hand that being lucky enough to have a music program has enriched my child academically and it’s fun! However, not so many kids are so privileged. That’s why the National Association of Music has made March Music in Our Schools Month!

If you would like to donate here is one streamlined website to Donate


There are several ways to support your children and your schools:

  • Volunteer – If you play an instrument, offer to demonstrate for a class. Your talent will add diversity to what is often a limited number of instruments and styles of music.
  • Donate – Music programs in schools are on the decline. Support music programs through donations.
  • Be heard – Let your schools know you support music programs. Make sure they know it’s important to you and your children.
  • Show up – Attend concerts, meetings, and programs. The more informed you are, the more you are able to support music programs and your children.
  • Share – Spread the word about your child’s music program. The more people who attend, the more people are supporting music in your schools!

Play music.  Support music.  Learn more about music.  Use #MusicInspires and #MusicInOurSchools to share on social media.

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