X-Files Cliffhanger Has Me Ubducted – How to Survive

Holy space cow! Have you been watching the New X-Files?! Have you seen how Mr. Chris Carter decided to end it!?! That wasn’t a cliffhanger, that was… unearthly. Despite the obvious motive being to generate a reboot (which I am totally in need of now) I loved every episode, though few in numbers. Let’s beam into the highlights! ::Some Spoilers Alert::


Where to start. This series started over 20 years ago, and is taking the same (yet more technological) path of mystery, mistrust and drama. As the years went on, we have unraveled a conspiracy of aliens and their impact on our world. At one time, 2 species of aliens battled secretly on earth, leading to numerous more mysteries, ubductions and cover ups. The Syndicate is the X-Files group of super bad guys, forging the world to their whim, and the Cancer Man seems to be the last alive and in power. Dang it. We can’t even blow that guy up and make it last!

Now, I’m not that interested in the gossip of the show. I hear things like David Duchovny is getting paid more… Resurfacing of how Gillian Anderson and David didn’t get along back in the day… All the huffs and puffs and opinions of Chris Carter still producing… Disappointment this, Islamic-phobia that… Hoo ha! Let’s understand one thing – it is what it is, you can’t please them all, but in the end it was an awesome show that continues to entertain!

new xfilesAs the new series started, we see Scully and Mulder reunited in a case similar to Scully’s previous abductions. As much as we all (and Mulder) would love for it to be real alien abductions and tomfoolery, it is the work of the usual bad guys – people. We’re always to blame, huh? The season wraps up with Scully trying to save the world, but first Mulder, from a global epidemic of everyday illnesses killing the world’s populace who now has no immunity. This is Cancer Man’s solution to pollution and everyone being jerks to eachother. Typical bad guy world domination mumbo jumbo brought on by his used-to-be alien buddies. However, Scully’s Alien DNA will save the day! Or will it? Good luck girlfriend…

were monster xfilesOut of the 6 thrilling episodes, I have got to say, Episode 3 was probably my favorite episode ever! One of the best aspects of the show throughout the time, was that they could meld humor into mystery as well as cheese on bread. I will leave the story a conundrum to entice you to watch it, because you must watch it!

X-Files has never feared away from trying something new. Such as the episode that followed a classic movie style and telling, The Post-Modern Prometheus. As well as episodes that touch on edgy topics or follow other characters through their past, The Unnatural. It has something to say when watching episodes through the ages reveal numerous now famous and big time actors and actresses in our time.

xfiles posterI am hopeful that a season 11 gets pushed through!! Now just to wrap up the massive cliffhanger, though I will start speculating possible endings… However, I also appreciate some of the new characters, Agents Miller and Einstein have good chemistry. But, I am not sure we are ready to go solo with those 2, (I do believe we remember how hard season 8 and 9 were to swallow…) perhaps in time.

I am thrilled to have a chance to watch such an entertaining “reboot” and encourage you to watch it New on Fox or Hulu and you can watch the entire first 9 seasons on Netflix! It’s the only thing that may get you back down to earth after the cliffhanger.  I just finished a full round of season 1-7, a little of 8 & 9 and the movies, and now I want to Believe – in Season 11.

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