Why Netflix’s Jessica Jones is like the Labyrinth with Superpowers

There are a few spoilers, so watch out.

jessica jonesNetflix’s Jessica Jones is great! It is also exactly VERY much like the Labyrinth. Here are my reasons why, and when you watch it next you will see it what I mean.

It is my belief that nearly all of the characters in Jessica Jones are in the Labyrinth, and they obtain extremely similar characteristics, or drive, to the story line.

    • Jessica Jones and the LabyrinthJessica Jones is Sarah Williams. Apart from being the main protagonist, both lovely ladies seek freedom for an innocent victim. Jessica begins her journey after she fell victim to one evil purple people eater. Once he resurfaces, her journey begins to end his sinister tyranny once and for all. Sarah begins her journey after a harmless phrase topples her world into one ruled by the Golbin King who will go to no end to seduce her to his will. Unfortunately for him, she’s a teenager so…. ya, nope. Each of these strong willed, strong minded and just plain tough ladies refuse control from their well dressed and tormenting psychotic stalkers.
    • hope is tobyHope Schlottman is Baby Toby. They are the driving force for our hero’s drive to defeat the big bad villain and be saved. Baby Toby was abducted to draw Sarah into the labyrinths trap. Hope was mind controlled and Kilgrave led Hope’s parents to be the initial bait into the his trap for Jessica. Hope went the extra 9 yards when she stuck a wine glass stem into her throat, which was her final act to ensure Jessica will do what needs to be done. Wowza.
    • Luke Cage is Ludo, kinda. Though Luke and Jessica’s relationship is a straight mess, she doesn’t hesitate to help this tough guy out of a bind of a bar fight. A little like when Ludo was captive by little soldiers, Sarah built trust with Ludo by his rescue and immediate acceptance of his differences. They each are tough guys that provide both muscle and friendship. But Luke Cage is freaking Luke Cage, so that changes a few things.
    • Ruben and Robyn are like The Wiseman and his Hat. For seriously. They are semi-helpful… when it comes to banana bread… and, Robyn is a cryptic hippie. ok, maybe this one was just for fun. 😉
    • Malcolm is Sir DidymusMalcolm is Sir Didymus. Faithful. Dedicated. Noble. Just. Maybe Sir Didymus didn’t have a heroin addiction, and that’s OK. Sir Didymus did start off a bit like a fluffy wacko, so it’s the same but different. Both a little rocky at first and have allegiance to the big bad guy, but once they find their courage, they are both unstoppable forces of good.
    • trish is hoggleTrish Walker is Hoggle. They may look as opposite as possible, but they are quite alike. They are the right hand man (or Lady) of our heroes. Trish is Jessica’s adoptive sister and supports Jessica til the end. She will even go on to fight side by side with Jessica as Hellcat! (Hopefully) Hoggle takes to Sarah almost immediately (bribes count). Sure he agreed to drug her so she could go to a roofie induced masquerade, a few slips here an there are normal in healthy relationships. Ultimately Hoggle is willing to risk his life for her, and goes on to battle at the gates of the Goblin King castle.

Kilgrave is Jareth from labyrinth

  • Kilgrave is Jareth. These dudes have issues. Kilgrave, most unfortunately, meets Jessica and is so very intrigued by her, he falls “in love” with her. But now, she is the only person who is unable to be controlled by Kilgrave, after many horrid events. He has no power over her. Jareth seeks the love of the girl whose been in his dreams as much as he’s been in her imagination. He tortures her, drugs her, threatens her family, tries to recreate her childhood home for a sense of comfort and trust, and begs for her love. Oh wait, that goes for both of them… Exactly. Well, “You have no power over me”. You loose suckers.
  • I had a hard time peggin’ Will Simpson. He’s a cop turned bad guy, turned good guy, turned bad guy so…. Suggestions welcome. Should the Labyrinth been a show, or had a sequel lined up, there surely would have been a rogue friend character to stir the plot in the oncoming series.

LabyrinthSo that’s that. Perhaps you find some ways you agree, maybe not. Basically both these features follow basic character personas (seen in almost anything you watch) and are lucky enough to also be based on crazy sociopath lover boys. That is the main similarity in the end. It’s just the childhood home thing…. heebie-jeebies.

I love both Jessica Jones and the Labyrinth. I suggest you go watch both as soon as possible, and ever after. 😀


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  1. I noticed this too, which led me to your blog. Fascinating! Too bad that I have known real life Killgraves; the theme is close to home

  2. Yes! I definitely felt a very Jared vibe from kilograms. Especially the whole “you have no power over me” thing. I was telling my fiancé that this show had some serious ties to Labyrinth and he didn’t really believe me. So I looked it up and found this article. Glad we agree. 🙂

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