May 25th is National WINE Day – So Drink the Freak UP


National Wine Day lands this year on a Saturday, May 25th to be specific. It’s almost as though fate is calling. Yes, the mystical forces of nature have brought together a magnificent alignment, too perfect to ignore.

Personally, I will be enjoying this day quietly at night when all the noise and insanity of running my household has quieted down. It’ll just be me, a mid grade box o’wine, whatever cup that is clean (most likely a kids cup with a dishwasher withered Spider-Man on the side of it) and my comfy pants. That’s my plans…

Perhaps you have your life a bit more together than me and will be enjoying your wine in fancy drink-wear made of glass. It is a great day to support your local brewery’s and winery’s! Check around for sales and events! It would be a fun wine night out with your bffs!

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Whatever your preference, take advantage that there is a great excuse to dink up some wine today! 🍷

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