Oh Crap, Clara’s Dead

Doctor Who is my favorite show probably ever. I think Peter Capaldi is doing a bang up job of a crotchety ol’ man whose mere existence is to save people, show off and never stop surviving. Clara was his 1st big loss as the 12th Doctor. I nearly cried. Very close, but you didn’t get me this time Who!

face the raven doctor who

*Spoiler Alert Time* I advise you see the episode before reading~

Why no little baby wuss tears? Well, the very SECOND that it was mentioned that the Quantum Shade bestowed upon Rigsy could transfer hosts, I knew what was going to happen. Dang it Clara, you silly girl. I do have to mention, if she had walked in some mystical way showing her with Mr. Pink, then I would have lost it.

Ok, so Clara “Faced” the Raven, if you will, and now is dead. The next episode shows where the Doctor gets transported and is trapped in his “Last Will & Testament” of sorts. But he is not just tormented by himself, he is driven by Clara to go on. And not in the old fashion Doctor way… At the end of each passing, through the winding halls of his nightmares that have defined his life, he realizes where and what he is. So what does he do about it? He punches his way through a 20 feet deep rock wall harder than diamonds. Punches. It only took him a few billion years. If that’s not grieving, I don’t know what is.

Well, that is the end of Clara, or is it? She is the impossible girl. In theory, she was scattered through the entire universe indefinitely, intertwined with the Doctor’s time stream. This is the end of the original Clara, or maybe she had already died at Christmas last year. We’ll never know.

face the raven

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