Let’s Get Groovy & Watch Legends of Tomorrow Together

A long anticipated mega-crossover style show from the CW, Legends of Tomorrow brings time travel, “Super” Heroes and thrilling action with a touch of comedy.

So far while watching the double pilot episodes, we have learned that the rag-tag time-traveling team is a band of schmucks and was chosen by Rory RIP Hunter to go after the super bad dude Vandal Savage. Sure, why not follow the future dude who flashy lighted them to a business proposition held on a rooftop at night? All was going well until the learned that they were chosen because they mean nothing to the world. Probably not the best pick up line, but apparently everyone had an open schedule.


Time travel is one of my favorite things, as Doctor Who is my favorite show. However, whilst traveling through time, you tend to send ripples… and in some cases disrupt history altogether. So far, the Legends of Tomorrow team have caused the apocalypse of 2016, nearly foiled a marriage, and killed what seemed to be a main character. Will they get Savage? Perhaps, and I hope it doesn’t take 20 more episodes to do it.

So far we seem to have these characters stuck in the 70’s. What can we all appreciate from this era besides disco and embarrassing dress attire? Marijuana. Which, coming from a resident of Colorado, hopefully didn’t offend anyone watching the show or create a backlash in some way. Weed is still a bit weird with some folks, but personally scenes with MJ appreciation is like any other bar scene where everyone is drinking the booze, yet it’s rare to actually see anyone inhale… So no harm done, but no points gained. Just keep it groovy.

legends of tomorrow casualThe challenge of this show, is having such a large cast from the start. They have to write it in mind of possible viewers that haven’t seen every Flash and Arrow show to date, and make it independently awesome. I am curious how it shall progress and look forward to the fun they will have with a time machine!

What do you think? Will stand the test of time?


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