January, Schmanuary – “New Years” Resolutions for Whenever or Whatever

You know what? I love New Year Resolutions. Why? It’s a great excuse to become something NEW.

Last year, one of my goals was to revamp this website. My business got a new name, a fresh look and a ton of new designs to share with you all! This year, I am still working on all that business-y stuff but am taking a (much needed) look into myself and this newfangled talk about “self care”.

Last yer was rather insane, and coming into this year I want to drop off my luggage at the Team Me Resort and shake out this stress ball that has become my mind. And, I thought, “Heck, maybe I’ll share some of my goals with my favorite jewelry people (YOU) and we can get more awesome together this year.” πŸ’œ

So, here are 5 things we can do for ourselves this year that we can start whenever you like.

ONE – Mandatory Spa Days. We all have an insane amount of products we aimlessly buy in hopes to use more than that once. We are literally sitting on a goldmine of exfoliates, moisturizers and masks, patiently waiting to be used.

So let’s dig them out and Pamper Ourselves, People! Throw on that mask, make that weird green smoothy and watch that princess movie you always loved. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, and the good news is you won’t have to worry about farting in front of some spa guy named Rico.

Two – Stop Working. Now don’t get too excited, I don’t mean don’t work at all – but set limits! When you are outside of your working time, then welcome to your free time! Enjoy it! I, myself, have been squeezing in a much needed healthy dose of playing video games! Something I had missed terribly.

THREE – Get some Plants! Studies have literally shown, surrounding yourself with plants can help you live longer. I for one want to live to see the takeover of our celestial neighbors, so here’s to diggin in some dirt!

FOUR – Go Outside. You know what’s kind of funny about us Colorado Mountain folk? We invest a silly amount of money into coats, gloves, hats, mittens (etc) and still we complain about how cold it is. Well, at least I do. Despite the temperature, nature is hecka awesome (and free!) so here’s to walking this chilled ass to the Redbox every once in a while.

FIVE – Be Fabulous. Confidence goes a long way, but I have found easy things to help boost confidence and light that fire within!

I am not a vain person, but I truly do believe that what you put on the outside of you, shows the world who you are. I am not a high heeled, manicured, eyebrow tweezing enthusiast. Heck, most days I wear sweat pants and a hoodie. But on those special days, when I brush my hair, get my lip gloss on and a spritz of Clinique’s Happy – I am flippin’ unstoppable!

Whatever may motivate you, I hope you have a crazy Awesome year! Here’s to expressing ourselves and making a difference to our friends, family and the entire freaking world!!

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