It’s nearly Turkey Time

Everyone feels a bit different when it comes down to holidays. Especially one of the “big ones” such as this one coming up. Thanksgiving.

This was one that I can honestly say was not my favorite. Maybe as time goes by…. maybe. My biggest beef, or turkey in this case, is that traditionally in my family the meal is had in the middle of the day. Not lunch, not dinner, more like a big, big snack that you starve yourself to get to. Then you overeat from the previous fasting and proceed to feel regret and despair for the rest of the day, are sent home with leftovers of the same items that make so much pain within your mind and body, and are left to watch them turn colors in your fridge as Christmas nears because there is no way you want to remind your senses of this torment.

That is why I have devised a lovely plan! Wear your meal, don’t eat it. Also, tell your friends and family you are busy and eat sensibly at home. The only thing I want to binge on for Thanksgiving is Netflix.

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