It’s Amazon Prime Day, and Yes ~ I Have a Sale ON Amazon!

“Amazon, oh Amazon… You clever (expletive deleted).
There was no way to beat you, so I joined you, and darn it – I love you.”

-Me, just now

You know you love it too, you can keep this secret with me. So perhaps, you know about Amazon Prime Day already? If not, what it is, is a crazy sales day and almost everything at Amazon is marked down! And, it can get crazy. Like, last 5 minutes of Christmas Eve – crazy.

The inventory is limited, but all is on Sale! The difference with what I have selling at Amazon and everything else is that is comes in a BOX, and many items have Prime Shipping. Yep, 2 days to almost everywhere.

These are pre-made items, ready to ship by Amazon minions, all on sale. Click HERE to check it all out!!!


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