If you don’t want to talk Star Wars, Let’s talk Doctor Who

Unlike most of you going to see the Star Wars movie coming out this weekend, this lady (points thumb at self) is trying to create a spoiler free entertainment zone (until further notice). And, being a true fanatic of the best show shown on Earth, am way too excited for this years Doctor Who Christmas Special! Bring it on Doctor Song!doctor-who-the-husbands-of-river-songBefore we get too timey whimey, here is what we know, or can assume, about the special. Doctor River Song (what a babe) is in a reverse timeline from the Doctor. So the more she see’s him, the less he knows about her, and the more he see’s her, the less she knows about him. So, supposedly, she has no idea who this old dude is.

Steven Moffat had an interview with the Radio Times and had this to say about River Song’s timeline in this episode:

It doesn’t really matter but for those who care, it’s immediately after The Angels Take Manhattan [2012] so she’s just seen Matt Smith’s Doctor lose Amy and Rory, and obviously before The Name of the Doctor [2013] because she’s dead in that.

Moffat also went on to reason why he brought River back for the Christmas Special:

Obviously, we’ve just lost Clara so I didn’t want to go straight into a new companion, and it’s not right to set that up at the end of a series where you’re all exhausted. So, I’ll be honest, I brought River Song back in because I thought there’s a possibility I’d never write it [Doctor Who] again so that’ll be my goodbye. But also I really fancied it. I hadn’t written River for a couple of years and I’d always loved writing for her and I’d missed her. I thought, given that I’m knackered at the end of a series, what would be a treat for me would be getting Alex Kingston back onto Doctor Who.

doctor-who-christmas-special-husbands-of-river-song-2Let’s hope Moffat is ready to keep up his legacy with what he has brought to Doctor Who’s table!  Either way, I am wildly looking forward to the next companion! This time, I hope we get more of a team together. One on one is always fun, when they aren’t falling in love with the Doctor, but I think a group of people supporting where the Doctor lacks, will create a dynamic good enough to change the universe! Only time will see!

But for now, the next step is the Christmas Special! Merry Christmas Doctor. <3

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