How to Celebrate Earth Day 🌎 During Quarantine

Well, it’s Earth Day! And! We are all stuck “inside”. Well, sure we can venture out there, but not without our handy dandy 6 foot bubble.

So, if you are like me and going to celebrate Earth Day in a small barricaded domicile, I have come up with 8 fun (sometimes sarcastic) ideas to celebrate this day of the Earth.

1: Hug a Tree.
You can’t hug a person, but let me tell you from experience, trees won’t cough in your mouth. So, hugging a tree is a safe bet.

2: Use re-usable products versus disposable.
Try to see how little toilet paper you can use today or invent a reusable toilet paper that won’t make people wonder, “What is that smell?” when they reach your 6 foot vicinity.

3: Re-purpose clothing items that have outworn their use.
Dig through the depths of your closet and find things you can craft into new and improved useful wilderness attire. Upcycling at its best!

4: Re purpose those cans of beans & soup into a telecommunication device.
So, what should you do with that 31st empty can of beans and 23rd empty can of condensed soup? Recycling is a great option, but repurposing them is fun, too!

Find an 18 mile piece of cord and simply poke a hole in the bottom of each can and attach one end of the cord to both cans. Simply drive past your best friends house and toss out the other can! Now you can pretend to hear each other over long distances without phone or internet charges!

5: Walk in Nature.
I live in Colorado, where the trails are plentiful. Even when I lived in the middle of Denver, we would take mini road trips up the mountains to find a nice trail to explore. All you need is your pet(s) and some snacks!

6: Paint rocks and leave them around the neighborhood.
Rocks were made by nature! Might as well use these blank canvases to paint lil’ earths, flowers, even messages of hope and “plant” them around the neighborhood! Other walk arounders will see them and it just might give them a moment of happiness! Plus, it’s just something to do!

7: Start a compost pile.
Even if you live in an apartment, you can start a compost pile! I like to use a spent cat litter bucket to collect my vegetable and non-meat food stuff. Once it gets full, you can either leave it out in a sunny outdoor spot or bury it under large pots or raised beds to continue to compost over time. Free nutrition for your plant friends! Just whatever you do, don’t look into humanure. I don’t think we’re ready for that just yet.

8: Plant some freaking Plants!
If you think those seeds you bought back in 2010 aren’t good anymore – you are soooo wrong. I dug through my vast collection of seed packets and tried out some tomatoes from 2013, morning glories from 2010 and many others with immense success!

Instead of putting 1-2 seeds in a jiffy pod or seed starting pot, you may want to try 3-5 to be on the safe side. Just keep in mind germination times so you don’t give up on the little fellas too soon. Now there’s no need to go out to buy more seeds!

Well, there’s hopefully a few ideas for you to make a day out of this year’s Earth Day! I love and miss you all. Please continue staying safe and have a great day outside! 🌱


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