Get a Life Bar, for your Health

Life. We all have one, some maybe more than most. Looking to get a little more? I’ve got you covered.

Since around the 14th century, the heart shape has meant love. Since around the mid 1980’s it has meant whether or not you are going to defeat the end of level boss. The more you have, the better off you will be. I don’t see why that couldn’t possibly apply to real life. Honestly, the more you game on, the less reality takes hold of you. So why don’t you go ahead and quick save then up your stats.

8 bit pixel retro gamer life bar hearts gold chain necklace foxyfunk designs nerd health (3)

8 Bit Pixelated Life Heart necklace (2)

pixelated_8bit_heart_earrings (1)

pixek heart life bar




Perhaps there is one you share a heart with?

Friendship Pixel Heart Set of 2 Necklaces 8 Bit  Puzzle Broken Heart (3) 8 bit pixelated friendship necklaces (4)

Prices start at $6 in my Etsy Shop.

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