Flamingos are More Fabulous Than You Think

Flamboyance or FlamBeyoncé? Yes, we all know Flamingos are Fabulous. I mean, a group of Flamingos is literally called a Flamboyance. Come on! I love these things!

Perhaps it’s because I live in the mountains, but these tropical beauties give me such a warm and cheerful joy. Dammit… So I took a break from googling cat memes and turned to learning about these pink pretties.

At times, males shake their little mating dance tail feathers in a group to attract females. Remember the Spring dance back in 7th grade? Pretty close.

The feathers under their wings are black. I know a Flock of Seagulls makes an OK band name, but I’d rather listen to Black Flamingo Feathers. Probably more progressive.

Adult flamingos average four to five feet tall, but only weigh between four and eight pounds. If I was as tall as I was heavy, Gozilla would have something to worry about.

When a flamingo chick hatches, both parents take turns feeding it: first with a special liquid baby food they produce in their throats called “crop milk”. So apart from being awesome, they are freaking disgusting.

The backward bending “knee” of a flamingo’s leg is actually the bird’s ankle. The actual knee is very close to the body and is not visible through the bird’s plumage. So whenever you try to stand like a flamingo, you’re doing it wrong.

So, the next time you claim to know so much about flamingos and how “their feathers are pink cuz shrimp”, instead – impress your friends with “crop milk” facts. Delicious!

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