Product Updates

  • Get a Life Bar, for your Health

    Get a Life Bar, for your Health

    Life. We all have one, some maybe more than most. Looking to get a little more? I’ve got you covered. Since around the 14th century, the heart shape has meant love. Since around the mid 1980’s it has meant whether or not you are going to defeat the end of level boss. The more you…

  • Black Friday Sales, Everybody’s Doing It

    Black Friday Sales, Everybody’s Doing It

    It’s that time of year again. Luckily for the us, we have the World Wide Web (nobody calls it that anymore), otherwise known as the Net (which is another phrase that didn’t stick but you catch my drift…). The internet, and every single large & little shop within – including my shop, will celebrate Black Friday in…

  • ~Sale Alert!

    ~Sale Alert!

    From Now until November 30, Buy Two get One FREE at my Ebay Store!!!! Stocking stuffers fit for everyone! All orders include a FREE GIFT! Free Shipping on All Items! No limit! Buy 4 get 2 Free! Buy 6 get 3 free! To infinity and beyond!

  • Let’s let Zygons be Zygons

    Let’s let Zygons be Zygons

    Oh crap the Zygons. The Zygon invasion episodes, of this present season (9th) of Doctor Who, quite possibly may be my favorite episodes this season has offered thus far. If you are unfamiliar with the Zygons, they are weird looking aliens with suckers all about and the power to not only turn into an exact copy…

  • Totally 80’s, Totally Rad.

    Totally 80’s, Totally Rad.

    Went on a bit of a neon bender this last week. It just mesmerized me. I could nearly hear the blinding colors calling to me…. “We’re totally Rad Meredith, come and laser us…” And so I did. It wasn’t hard to determine what righteous shapes to choose. It also wasn’t hard to figure these designs…