12 Unnecessary Star Wars Products

have you seen this before
Hey, did you guys know a new Star Wars movie came out? J/K.

yoda cat

Product placement has taken over your shelves, and other unnecessary areas of our lives for years. Heck, even our pets are aware of Star Wars by now.

Some things make sense. Apparel, as a consumer and a fan, we search for things to wear. Memorabilia, such as posters and replica’s are a favorite. Even Soup and pasta is somewhat normal. But where do we start crossing the line from “That’s a neat idea” into “Are you kidding me?”


Let’s compare apples and oranges. Now, let’s throw in some grapes. I know it may be hard to get kids (even some adults) to eat healthy, but out of the package these treats turn back into normal fruit.

BB8 probably is wondering where the oranges head is.
Just because the dude is green…
star wars apples
What other fruit would you put Vader on?

And any other kind of Food

I have seen Star Wars on gum, juice, frozen treats, cereal, coffee creamer, dairy, meats… Just pick an isle in a grocery store and I guarantee you will find somewhere between 2-25 things having to do with Star Wars.

Notice the way the chip image really encompasses the aura of the character.
I am so thirsty! If only I had some Star Wars to drink. Oh, I mean water.

Clean with the force

Maybe vacuum sales are down? Maybe they are just trying to put a little zazzle back in chores. Who knows, but these exist.

Guess the bad guys like to get their hands dirty.

Perfect gifts for those who have everything

We all thought TV aquariums were cool, but those are so retro. Go even further back in time with this R2D2 Aquarium. It makes no sense, but it is awesome. And with this Death Star tea infuser, when someone asks you how would like your tea, you say “on the Dark Side”.

Probably the least practical fish tank option.
star wars tea
Chances are this works best with dark teas.

New Style, New You

I’d wear a Star Wars shirt, maybe a satchel, socks, jacket or undroo’s… But some things are a bit unnecessary. Crocs have it hard enough, let’s move along quickly.

I only want to wear what Chewy would actually wear.

This looks fun and creepy

If you need a gift for a white elephant party or are a compulsive collector, then this is for you! Seriously though, if you can’t at least make it cute, then don’t make it at all.

This is just…. What are you looking at!?!

These are just… Wrong

Perhaps Jar Jar is going a little far for some action. And C-3P0, as a protocol droid, should know this is a bit… suggestive.

“I find your tape usage disturbing.”
I… just… it’s… nope…. no…. stop.


It’s a tough world of consumerism out there. They are all competing for your money. Is it working?

Why not get something you’ll actually like. Check this out. 🙂

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