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Taking Cool Pictures for Etsy – FREE Expert Etsy Training Pt 2

expert etsy training free let's take some pics text with rainbow necklace on bark with leaves picture
Taking pictures for Etsy is EASY! Follow along with me while I take some cool pictures for a listing.

Here are 5 Tips for interesting Etsy Pictures:

cute narwhal stud earrings on wood bark, 3 sets of pink blue green narwhale earrings

1. Have cool, but not show-stealing, background props

Some of the “props” I love to use include leaves, wood and rocks. I can use fall leaves to give that warm “fall” feeling, or green leaves to convey a fresh spring-time renewal. I will then switch out the main picture depending on what season it is to signal the buyers that this item is perfect for right now.


fingers holding green dragon claw and magic ball pendant with black background

2.Take a picture of a hand holding the item, or wearing the item, or both

Having a picture of what you are selling with or next to a human person gives your buyers a sense of how awesome it is to be with your items. How does your picture make your customers feel? Warm, happy, full, cool? Another plus side to having a picture with a human as your prop is conveying a sense of size. This will decrease negative reviews from people who never ready your item descriptions.



unicorn bust earrings hanging off thin tree branch

3. Nature is sexy, everything looks good with a nature element

Personally, I like to have nature used both as a prop or in the distance. It just give this whimsical and natural feeling that is pretty calming. A calm customer tends not to worry about all the but’s and if’s of a purchase. They just go for it.



4. Lighting is best from that bright ball of plasma gas that floats in our sky

Now, don’t get me wrong, a nice bright window is awesome, but that freaking sun man… So lit. If you are lucky enough to easily haul your wares to an outdoor location, this truly produces the best light. Plus, it’s free! If you are vampire, however, you may want to invest in a light box.


pixel heart red and black pendant necklace laying on rock with ball chain

5. Consistency is key, incorporate a similar feeling in each picture

It’s actually pretty easy to be consistent. At first, I had a space painted board (still in use) and all my pictures were shot on it. Now, I have branched out in to pics with rocks and bark and whatever, but I am doing this for nearly every listing. It doesn’t always have to be rocks, or always have to be wood.

Once you find your photo “personality”, you just got to roll with it. Perhaps teal things look good with your products. Incorporate a teal background for one pic, a teal vase for another pic, teal ribbon in yet another. You get my drift.


Next tutorial will include how to efficiently fill out an Etsy listing!

I believe in FREE training! This Free Expert Etsy Training is the 2nd in a long series of how to become the best Etsy Seller you can be! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more lessons coming soon!

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Best Type of Pictures that Sell Product on Etsy – Free Etsy Training Part 1

free expert etsy trainin part 1 what type of pics sell with claw picture necklaces

There are many questions you might have about what type of picture will be best to sell the most products on Etsy! Should you have an all white background? Should you have have a model with your product? What types of background props should you use?

The short answer is: It really depends on your product.

However, I do have some answers for you!!

You have 10 pictures on an Etsy listing now, so take full advantage! It’s not exactly necessary to have each background be the same, what’s important is that your wonderful item is showcased to perfection!

One of the biggest questions I had and found no answers for was whether or not to use all white backgrounds for your Etsy Product Pictures. The answer was… a gray area.

Doing my own study, I compared the sales of a popular item with a white background one week, and a magazine worthy full color picture the next week. What I found was that I got more likes and more sales.

However, due to recent Etsy changes in their algorithm and their partnership sharing etsy items on google shopping, google has other ideas. Google has stated that their bots can find and categorize white background pictures better, so they prefer white background pictures. But, they have also admitted that should you product be what a consumer is looking for, your etsy listing will not be hidden from them.

It’s important to get a sense of size for your product. Not everyone takes time to look at the item descriptions, so a picture of your items in hand, worn, or next to a standard sized item (fruit, utensil, plant, etc) helps viewers to imagine the item in real life. This in turn helps the customer start to visualize themselves with your products, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Here are at least 5 types of pictures you should consider for your Etsy Listings:

  • Instagram “Magazine” Glamour Shot
  • Picture with a Human Model or Body Part, such as a hand holding a mug
  • Up Close Zoomed In picture showing texture, thickness and/or detail
  • Seasonal Prop Pictures, to switch out for warm/cold weather and seasonalities
  • At least one all white background to show complete product without distraction, and to possibly use for other sales sites and venues

Esty changes all the time and so do you! In time, Etsy will be a bigger and better site to sell on. Don’t be afraid to come back to a product and retake pictures as your skill increases.

So, go for it! Time to take some instagram worthy, magazine framing, beautiful and spunky pics!

I believe in FREE training! This Free Expert Etsy Training is the 1st in a long series of how to become the best Etsy Seller you can be! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more lessons coming soon!