Vampire Fangs Dripping Blood Necklace


Blood is a very rich taste only defined palates crave.

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Vampire Fang Necklace is made of your choice of Ivory OR Black laser cut acrylic with a drop of transparent blood red. Each fang pendant measures about 1″ tall and 2″ wide and hung upon an 18″ chain necklace with lobster claw clasp.

Black fang pendant is paired with the gunmetal chain, and the ivory fang pendant is paired with a silver chain. Very lightweight and distinct, these terrifying necklaces will bring out your Halloween or Year Round look of mischievous dietary style.

No better way to break the skin than with some sharp fangs! At least, that’s what us vampires are known for. I mean, I’m not a vampire… Let’s talk more about this tonight…

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