Retro 3D Glasses Stud Earrings


They made a lot of 3D movies with red and blue filters back in the day. Genius.

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Go back to the good ol’ days of the 80s and relive the thrills of the 3D movie experience with these 3D Glasses Earrings!

★ Experience our 3 Dimensional World wearing these Statement Stud Earrings. Perfect for your best friend or any movie lover!

★ Laser engraved tiny wood earrings pendants are hand painted to resemble Retro 3D Glasses!

★ Lightweight and Comfortable Pendants measure .75″ wide and about .3″ tall.

★ Each pair of these unique earrings are handmade to your specifications! Can be made with hypoallergenic Plastic Studs, Clip Ons, or Upgrade to Titanium Posts!

★ Makes a great gift or a treasure to keep. Great for everyday wear, as well as Movie Showings and 80’s Parties!

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