Harlequin Red & Black Diamond Dangle Earrings

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She’s not crazy…



One of the most popular and twisted cosplay and costume choices out there, complete your look with these Harley Quinn Diamonds Cosplay Dangle Earrings!

♦️ Mismatched Earrings Diamond Design made of lightweight and comfortable red and black laser cut acrylic.

♦️ Each diamond is about .5″ long and hangs from a dangling chain upon your choice of earring hooks!! Pick from:

~ Nickel Free
~ Stainless Steel
~ Plastic Hooks
~ Clip Ons
~ Titanium Hooks

♦️ Total length from end of hook to the bottom of the last diamond is about 2.25″

Harley Quinn is what you come to expect as a Psychotherapist for Arkham Asylum. A collage graduate with the desire to help those in need, she went where she was needed most. Things went well until she met the Joker…

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1 review for Harlequin Red & Black Diamond Dangle Earrings

  1. Jruru

    So cute and lightweight! I always love getting earrings from itsjustsoyou and I’m never disappointed.

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