Nerds Do Valentine’s Day Differently

The time of mandatory love celebrations are upon us! Whether you are a guy or gal looking for ideas for your guy or gal, these genre specific ideas are sure to inspire you all!

31gwrl2czplValentine’s Day is both extremely looked forward to and despised. Personally, I think it is OK. As OK as other holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day (aka Mandatory Drunk Night) or President’s Day (aka Furniture Sales Day). They might have some reason behind the tradition, but what Valentine’s Day means to us now is, “Got a partner? Yes? You have to buy them something in order to avoid possible backlash. Happy Valentine’s!” said Cupid with a maniacal undertone…

bra13The typical Valentine’s presents generally get the response of, “Oh. Wow. Thanks. I really mean it…” Flowers die. Don’t even get me started on diamonds and the illusion that more $ spent equals more love for you. ๐Ÿ˜› Candy chocolates in a heart shaped box has about as much thought in it as anything strategically placed in the checkout lane. Perhaps those nail clippers or colorful lighters would have been more thoughtful? Doubt it. Lingerie? Oh boy, getting underwear for a present is along the same category as any clothing gift. Doesn’t fit, itchy, really weird, etc…

When prompted for ideas, some might say to “Get something from the Heart.” I am here to tell you what that means if your partner has a “nerd” or “geek” attribute score of 3+. Here are some genius suggestions to get them thinking thoughts brewing:

acc070-unicorn-horn-for-catsFantasy Nerds: Though it is a broad subject, you should have picked up on cues to help your search. If unicorns are a topic of appreciation, try a mix of rainbow candies, and movie night with a unicorn themed movie and rainbow sprinkle popcorn! If you wanna go all outย  get a unicorn horn for their cat or dog to set the atmosphere! So majestic. If medieval fantasy/ren fair is their fav, then rent a knight/fairy costume and make some turkey legs! Watch Princess Bride and turn it into a kiss/drinking game for every time someone says Buttercup. So long as you have a little imagination, you can make a magical evening!

indexSci Fi Nerds: It goes without saying (though here I go on to say) that if they are into Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, or equally accessible fandom, this will be very easy on you! One suggestion, get a sheet and spray paint to make a space backdrop! Situate an eating area beside the backdrop and prepare for favorite foods time! Pizza, McDonald’s, Chinese Take-Out, a favorite is a favorite. Want to take it to the next level? Try some theme-inspired food to make, such as wookie cookies. Not much of a baker? Get some furry fabric and make a ton of tribbles to invade your space!

indexSuperhero Nerds: Lucky for you, obtaining superhero themed supplies is not difficult these days. Want a real superhero experience? This may be a group effort, but live the superhero’s life vicariously with a battle of paintball or laser tag! Perhaps you can get cozy making a few team shirts or costumes prior to the battle. As far as clever foods, the whole world has perfected the best super inspired foods that anyone can make and enjoy.

hqdefaultVideo Game Nerds: There are a million types of games out there, but I am sure your sweetie has at least 1 favorite! Or top 5 of each genre, depending on your gamer nerd… Let’s take Legend of Zelda for our first example. Do a treasure hunt to find the 3 pieces of the Triforce! Get 3 triangle boxes, or foam pieces, and hide them cleverly about the house, or even around town, and create a map, hints, obstacles, and more for the hunt! Perhaps make it a sophisticated Classic Game Night, starting with this SMB inspired Fireflower Cocktail and ending with a old school game marathon!

nerds-in-love-5755No matter what kind of a nerd you have in your life, if you make effort you can transform this stupid mandatory love holiday into a reason to make a nerd inspired romantic memory for each other. It’s not always about the present, but what you gain in the long run. What is love without those sweet, sweet moments of complete nerd serenity?


As always, should you need any sort of nerd-inspired accessories you know where to find them! Hint, it’s HERE!

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