LET’S MAKE IT WORK! – Cheap Red China Button Maker


So you thought you were getting a good deal buying a no-brand button maker from eBay or amazon on the cheap? Now, you can’t seem to get it to work because it is smashing all your buttons together, right? Well, I figured out a really simple way to make it work! It just take one more simple little step! Watch the video to find out!

I believe on of the reasons it SMASHES your buttons is simply because the paper you are using is too thin to handle itself. I use primarily comic books and newspaper to make my button in the beginning and I had horrible luck!

Get a button maker here – Click Me.

The reason why I got the button maker for myself was to turn old comics and images from magazines into buttons to sell at Comic Cons and other craft show where I sell my wares. What do you plan to do with yours? If you have any other questions or trouble shooting with your machine, drop me a line! I will try to help you get it to work!

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