I’m Learning to be a Silversmith!

I am quite a fanatic when it comes to classes and programs at my Rec Center here in Loveland. So naturally, when I was perusing the Fall catalog and found a silversmith class, I got excited! I actually signed up for this class months ago, and it is finally here.

Why is this so awesome? Well my hopes are to soon be able to make a slew of higher end, fancy pants and ever-lasting jewelry for all of you! Once I have some practice, I would also like to start an engagement and wedding ring line specializing in all our favorite fandoms! Allons-y!!

Here is my success after week 2. This is NO WHERE NEAR DONE. But I am excited. By mid-December this piece, and maybe another, will be done. The progress will be most impressive! πŸ˜€

This is my “concept” of what this pendant will maybe possibly kinda look like… Hopefully! πŸ˜‰
Silver sheet with bezel
To put the bezel on I had to heat up this big fella to somewhere around 1600 degrees with a blow torch! Oh yea!

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