Custom Made Acrylic Jewelry for Your Projects or Business

People have been coming to me to make them custom jewelry and accessories for themselves, their projects or their business ever since I opened up shop!

I have observed that there is a bit of a void in the custom manufactured wholesale and bulk jewelry and accessories department, so I aim to fill that void!

I want to let it be known that I can, and will, fulfill your need to have custom pendants made for you! Whether it be one piece you’ve always dreamed of, or a whole line of products for you to resell!

Here are some examples of commissions I have taken on that were made to be resold, thus making YOU money!

This sort of thing is great if you want to make your logo, band, or general design into a pendant or a fully made up piece of jewelry! I can do keychains, necklaces, earrings, studs, you name it! I can even make custom jewelry cards for your packaging needs!

Prices vary by difficulty, quantity and material. I guarantee that my prices are much better than you may expect, my overhead is low, so we share the benefits! There is no project too small and I work with you throughout the entire process! Message Me now to get your custom order started!

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  1. I have a piece of jewelry for a cosplay costume I would like to have custom made. I can send you a picture of what I would like made.

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