• Totally 80’s, Totally Rad.

    Totally 80’s, Totally Rad.

    Went on a bit of a neon bender this last week. It just mesmerized me. I could nearly hear the blinding colors calling to me…. “We’re totally Rad Meredith, come and laser us…” And so I did. It wasn’t hard to determine what righteous shapes to choose. It also wasn’t hard to figure these designs…

  • The Future is Now! (BTTF Day!)

    The Future is Now! (BTTF Day!)

    Happy ‪BTTF (Back to the Future)‬ day! We made it! Went to ‪Totally 80’s Pizza‬ in Fort Collins wearing my ‪‎Ms. PacMan‬ earrings and legwarmers! Met a ‪‎Dalorean‬ with a ‪flux-capacitor‬ and everything! 15% OFF with this code for the next week! – THEFUTUREISNOW