Princess Hilda Upside Down Reverse Triforce Earrings


  • Lightweight
  • Choose the Size
  • Hypoallergenic


Make your Princess Hilda Cosplay Perfect when you accessorize your costume with these Princess Hilda’s Reverse Triforce Earrings!

💛 These upside down Triforce pendants are made from Laser Cut Gold Mirrored Acrylic. So Lightweight, you’ll forget they are even there!

💛 Each extremely shiny and lightweight pendant can be made into TWO sizes to choose from!
★BIG: 1.75″ from side to side.
★SMALL: 1″ from side to side.

💛 Have sensative ears? You get to pick what earring hooks these are made with! Pick from:

~ Nickel Free (Shown in Pics)
~ Clip Ons
~ .925 Sterling Silver Hooks (+$3)
~ Plastic Hooks

Princess Hilda is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She is the princess of Lorule, a parallel world to Hyrule. She is also her world’s counterpart of Princess Zelda, sharing a physical resemblance as well as similar attire. These large upside-down triforce earrings are the perfect piece to add to your cosplay costume!

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