OMG It’s National Take Your CAT to Work Day!

What a time to be alive! I know there are plenty of animal appreciation days, but finally an excuse to bring your kitty to work!

Roxy in my home office.

Perhaps bringing your cat to work is just not possible, sadly. Here are a couple ideas for you to celebrate this day another way!

  • Throw a Cat Themed Party – Host other cat parents and exchange cat related presents, eat cat shaped food, even play pin the tail on the cat!
  • Throw a Party for your Cat! You just need you, some snacks, your cats and some comfy blankies to all snuggle together in.
  • Donate to your favorite shelter or cat related non-profit!
  • Find a Cat Cafe near you!
Syrus, my 13 year old sweetie.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this magical day, any time is best when your furry fluffy kitty babies are with you! =^.^=

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