News for FoxyFunk this year! 2019!!

As a person AND a business, I love the chance to start every New Year with some SOLID Resolutions!

  1. Change Business Name! πŸ˜²
  2. Shoot for 1-3 new designs every week
  3. Have something for everyone!

1 – You read that right! FoxyFunk Designs turns 5 years old this year and she is starting to grow up, you could say. Funk is my Last name, hence why it is incorporated into my biz name presently, but I am taking ME out of it and putting YOU front and center! I am looking to reshape the brand into something even more people can discover and have to express themselves. There is a serious lack of jewelry that can be used to truly convey oneself, and fixing that has become my life’s goal!

Change and Name Reveal will take place in the coming up months! More details then. πŸ€©

2 – New designs means new looks for you! I want to make more animals, professions, hobbies, holidays and personalized designs you can enjoy and give to friends as well! I am trying to train my eye to see what doesn’t exist and supply the world with it! (Suggestions are helpful! πŸ˜‰)

3 – I have lived a fair amount of years on this earth and seen the war for acceptance on so many levels, and acceptance is winning! We are all different, and thanks to our ability to connect with others like us via online, groups or in-person clubs, we are building communities and lifelong friendships. This is a dang beautiful thing to me, so it is an important goal to provide every type of person the chance to make a statement through fashion and accessories. That’s how I’ve always been and having started this business 5 years ago, I have found others that wear their hearts on their sleeve, fandoms from their ears, and hobbies around their necks. πŸ’Ž

πŸ’– I wish you all a truly HAPPY New Year!πŸ’–

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