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USPS Delivery Delays

DELIVERY UPDATES:Due to Covid-19 and USPS Cuts PLEASE be aware Domestic AND International shipping is taking extra time for delivery. ❀️ USA shipments may take up to 2 weeks – PRIORITY Shipping 2-4 days.❀️ International Shipments may take up to 5 weeks – Priority Shipping 10-14 days. Packages ship out typically within 24-48 hours to […]

Why I Miss Conventions

There are a million reasons why I miss conventions. But most of all, I miss having that social outlet where a bunch of nerds can get together and be themselves and express their personalities in a safe & super fun environment. I miss you all. Stay Safe!! I hope to see you soon.

Pride Month – Put a Rainbow on it!

The year 2020 has literally been the freaking worst. You know why. I know why. While we continuously struggle for rights as humans, I just want you to know – You’ve got a Friend in Me. I hope at the end of this, when the ashes have settled, and life becomes “normal” again, we can […]