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Pride Month – Put a Rainbow on it!

The year 2020 has literally been the freaking worst. You know why. I know why. While we continuously struggle for rights as humans, I just want you to know – You’ve got a Friend in Me. I hope at the end of this, when the ashes have settled, and life becomes “normal” again, we can […]

Live Online Name Your Price Event! πŸ₯³

Friday May 1st 7 – 7:40 PM (MTN Time) In celebration of my Birthday, I am holding a super quick Name Your Price Event! Newest Pictures Below! (Updated May 1) Out of what I have left on my Display racks (now collecting dust being that there hasn’t been an event in ages) you will be able […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day 🌎 During Quarantine

Well, it’s Earth Day! And! We are all stuck “inside”. Well, sure we can venture out there, but not without our handy dandy 6 foot bubble. So, if you are like me and going to celebrate Earth Day in a small barricaded domicile, I have come up with 8 fun (sometimes sarcastic) ideas to celebrate […]