Etsy PLUS ~ The New Etsy Plan, Is it Worth It?

I have been “successful” on Etsy for 4 years now, so of course a NEW thing on Etsy is sure to tickle my interest.

Here is a pretty in depth video I just did to really dive into the back-end of what is new with Etsy’s first monthly payment plan.

At this time, Etsy Plus will be $10 per month until January 2019, where it will increase to $20 per month. Whether or not any of the features you receive with this plan are worth anything, remains discoverable.

Initial Perks Include:

  • 5 Choices of Banner Options (Carousel, Collage, Big, Small, None)
  • 2 Choice of Featured Listing Layouts (Traditional, or 1 focus listing and 4 small focus listings)
  • $5 Promoted Listing Credit
  • 15 Free Listings, Renewels seemed to effect this countdown but at a 2 for 1 rate
  • 30% Off Moo Cards
  • 20% Off 1st Order of Custom Printed Boxes
  • Restock Request Emails
  • Custom URL Discount and Redirection (Your “.com” goes straight to your Etsy Shop)

It is a mighty list, indeed. However, will it feel worth it at $10 per month? $20..? Some of these perks do not benefit me personally, just by the way I run my store and how my products are made. You may find them much more valuable than me.

I feel like half of the “perks” are merely discounts. Should you take advantage of the URL, for instance, you only benefit from that the 1st initial time. Each consecutive month you pay for this privilege seems moot t that point.

The Restock Request option is intriguing! I did like the fact that even before these new Plans, they added a “Cart Recovery Discount” option for sellers to switch on that recognizes stagnate items left in shopping carts and turns them into an opportunity to send the cart owners discounts for the items. It is interesting that a function like this is separate from the Plus Plan. Perhaps they had thought of charging for renewal emails sent initially, either way, here we are.

Just needs a little bit more. It’s like paying for coupons and renting a front page carousel. Getting 15 free credits and $5 in ads is neat and has an $8 value, but it’s not really free when you pay $10 for it.

For now it seems interesting, but if I don’t often utilize the discounts, Renewal Notification system, or the promoted listings, all I am really paying for is a fancy carousel banner and featured listing layout. I will wait until there is just a bit more to entice me.

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