Star Wars Opening Scroll Crawl Episode 4 Pendant Necklace


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Star Wars Necklace pendant is made from laser cut Black Acrylic, engravings accentuated with Gold Filled etching and completed with antique brass colored Nickel-Free hardware on an 18″ chain necklace with lobster clasp. Pendant measures 1.75″ width and 1.25″ height.

Made to look like the opening crawl, this Star Wars Pendant Reads:


Episode IV



It is a period of civil war.

Rebel spaceships, striking

from a hidden base, have won

their first victory against

the evil Galactic Empire.


During the battle, Rebel

spies managed to steal secret

plans to the Empire’s

ultimate weapon, the DEATH

STAR, an armored space

station with enough power

to destroy an entire planet…


Whip out your magnifying glass, and show off a unique new accessory to nerd out with! 

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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