Saturn Style Ringed Planet Galaxy Glitter Pendant Necklace


That’s one small step for man and one glittery Ringed Planet Necklace for You!


Sure the stars shine bright, but not brighter than this radiant Ring Planet Glitter Pendant Necklace! A perfect addition for galaxy lovers and out of this world costumers alike! Illuminate your wardrobe with this brilliant Planet Necklace!

β˜… Each laser cut planet pendant is made with your personalized Color Combination! Gold Planets get a Gold Chain and Silver Planets get a Silver Chain measuring 24″ long.

β˜… Stunning glitter pendants are created from laser cut acrylic, which is a durable material that will hold up with long term use! Each Glittery Planet Pendant Measures about 1″ tall and 1.5″ wide.

β˜… Prepare for takeoff, as each excursion into our world will bring compliments from passersby and otherworldly onlookers.

β˜… This Ringed Planet Pendant Necklace comes packaged and ready to gift! Treat yourself or your best and most Sparkling Outer Space fan!

This glittery style is now available anywhere else and you get to design it! Say goodbye to boring jewelry and hello to a truly unique Planet Pendant Necklace!

Find the matching earring HERE to complete your set!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Color Combo

silver/blue, silver/red, silver/purple, gold/blue, gold/red, gold/purple


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