Rainy Day Earrings Set – Rain, Lightning, Cloud Stud Earrings


Brighten up any day of darkness with this bright and cheery Happy Rain Cloud Weather Earrings Gift Set!!

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You can fill any gloomy day with rays of cheer when you have this super cute Rainy Day Earring Set! Not only do you get a charming wall hanging decoration, you also get 3 pairs of adorable hand painted wooden studs!

This Kawaii Cloud wall hanging comes with Cute Rain Drop Studs, Electrifying Lightning Bolt Studs and Sweet Fluffy Little Cloud Studs!Β Hang in your favorite location and watch the dangling raindrops and lightning bolts sway while holding delightful weather themed earrings!

β˜… All Earring Pairs come on Hypoallergenic Titanium Posts! They are Nickel Free and perfect for sensitive ears!

β˜… Find a smile on a dark day, hang this Happy Rain Cloud Jewelry Display where you get ready everyday!

β˜… Every individual piece of this Unique Earring Set is hand painted and laser cut wood! You will never find this anywhere else and no 2 sets are exactly like!

β˜… Set the tone of the room with this charming display! The Rainy Day Earrings Set display cloud Measures 5 inches Wide and 4.75 inches Long. Each earring pendant measures about .5″, give or take depending on design.

β˜… Ready for Gifting! Each Jewelry Set comes in its own Attractive Gift Box!

Get for yourself or give to your favorite people, this cheerful Rainy Day Earring Set will bring a smile to everyone!

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 in


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