Brass Knuckles Claw Necklace

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My hand wants to say something to your face. Punch.

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Make a statement that you are ready to pound someone right up in their punk faces with this brass knuckles necklace pendant!

Made of your color choice of mirrored laser cut acrylic, each lightweight Statement Necklace hangs off a complimentary chain. Gold pendant on gold chain; Silver and Pink pendant on silver chain; and Red pendant on goth gunmetal black chain.

The pendant is not quite big enough to utilize in defense, but message can be read loud and clear with it’s extreme shininess and rambunctious attitude.

Each pendant measures about 2.5″ (6.5cm) across and hangs off an 18″ long chain.

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Over-Sized Card, Mylar Envelope

1 review for Brass Knuckles Claw Necklace

  1. Estee Marchi

    Delicate, pretty, and vicious! <3 Also appreciate the length and how easy it is to polish away fingerprints (because you will be playing with it a LOT)

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