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News for FoxyFunk this year! 2019!!

As a person AND a business, I love the chance to start every New Year with some SOLID Resolutions!

  1. Change Business Name! 😲
  2. Shoot for 1-3 new designs every week
  3. Have something for everyone!

1 – You read that right! FoxyFunk Designs turns 5 years old this year and she is starting to grow up, you could say. Funk is my Last name, hence why it is incorporated into my biz name presently, but I am taking ME out of it and putting YOU front and center! I am looking to reshape the brand into something even more people can discover and have to express themselves. There is a serious lack of jewelry that can be used to truly convey oneself, and fixing that has become my life’s goal!

Change and Name Reveal will take place in the coming up months! More details then. 🤩

2 – New designs means new looks for you! I want to make more animals, professions, hobbies, holidays and personalized designs you can enjoy and give to friends as well! I am trying to train my eye to see what doesn’t exist and supply the world with it! (Suggestions are helpful! 😉)

3 – I have lived a fair amount of years on this earth and seen the war for acceptance on so many levels, and acceptance is winning! We are all different, and thanks to our ability to connect with others like us via online, groups or in-person clubs, we are building communities and lifelong friendships. This is a dang beautiful thing to me, so it is an important goal to provide every type of person the chance to make a statement through fashion and accessories. That’s how I’ve always been and having started this business 5 years ago, I have found others that wear their hearts on their sleeve, fandoms from their ears, and hobbies around their necks. 💎

💖 I wish you all a truly HAPPY New Year!💖

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Christmas Order Deadlines 2018

The Holidays are Nigh!!!

In lieu of these crazy last days, I am throwing a Last Minute 🎁 Shopping Sale!!!
Everything is 15% OFF until 12/19/18.

Beware having anything shipped late! All orders take 24 hours or less to ship out from the day you order. Here is the shipping deadline according to the USPS. When in doubt – Ship Priority!!

📬 USPS *Send By Guide* for 🎄Christmas🎄 Delivery:
★ First Class Mail – Order by Dec 19th
★ Priority Mail – Order by Dec 19th
★ Priority Express Mail – Order by Dec 21st


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Etsy PLUS ~ The New Etsy Plan, Is it Worth It?

I have been “successful” on Etsy for 4 years now, so of course a NEW thing on Etsy is sure to tickle my interest.

Here is a pretty in depth video I just did to really dive into the back-end of what is new with Etsy’s first monthly payment plan.

At this time, Etsy Plus will be $10 per month until January 2019, where it will increase to $20 per month. Whether or not any of the features you receive with this plan are worth anything, remains discoverable.

Initial Perks Include:

  • 5 Choices of Banner Options (Carousel, Collage, Big, Small, None)
  • 2 Choice of Featured Listing Layouts (Traditional, or 1 focus listing and 4 small focus listings)
  • $5 Promoted Listing Credit
  • 15 Free Listings, Renewels seemed to effect this countdown but at a 2 for 1 rate
  • 30% Off Moo Cards
  • 20% Off 1st Order of Custom Printed Boxes
  • Restock Request Emails
  • Custom URL Discount and Redirection (Your “.com” goes straight to your Etsy Shop)

It is a mighty list, indeed. However, will it feel worth it at $10 per month? $20..? Some of these perks do not benefit me personally, just by the way I run my store and how my products are made. You may find them much more valuable than me.

I feel like half of the “perks” are merely discounts. Should you take advantage of the URL, for instance, you only benefit from that the 1st initial time. Each consecutive month you pay for this privilege seems moot t that point.

The Restock Request option is intriguing! I did like the fact that even before these new Plans, they added a “Cart Recovery Discount” option for sellers to switch on that recognizes stagnate items left in shopping carts and turns them into an opportunity to send the cart owners discounts for the items. It is interesting that a function like this is separate from the Plus Plan. Perhaps they had thought of charging for renewal emails sent initially, either way, here we are.

Just needs a little bit more. It’s like paying for coupons and renting a front page carousel. Getting 15 free credits and $5 in ads is neat and has an $8 value, but it’s not really free when you pay $10 for it.

For now it seems interesting, but if I don’t often utilize the discounts, Renewal Notification system, or the promoted listings, all I am really paying for is a fancy carousel banner and featured listing layout. I will wait until there is just a bit more to entice me.

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Retired Listings SALE! ~ Say Goodbye to Some Oldies with 30% OFF!

59 listings are going to be gone from my Etsy shop FOREVER.

Don’t Freak OUT! We all felt this time was coming. I’m going to be 100% REAL with you right now. When I got started I was making designs taken from the things I loved. Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Every Comic Book Character EVER. And you know what? It’s a teensie bit illegal.

Now, I’m not afraid of no police showing up on my door and taking me away, but all it takes is one lawyer to rip the carpet right out from under me, and then FoxyFunk would be DEAD.

So this is it! Any designs that are a direct symbol from a game, show or movie are outta here! I know 59 sounds like a huge number, and it is. But, there will still be over 115 designs left and I plan on making a whole lot more designs that are as beautiful and weird as you are. 💖

I have made a special Section of my Etsy Shop that includes ALL the designs that are going bye-bye and taking a much needed rest. They are all 30% OFF and remember I do FLAT Shipping ($3.95), so go crazy!

I love you all SO much! If there is any design you’d like to add in your life that I can help you with, let me know! If it’s a design I end up putting in my store, you get a huge MUSE Discount!


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Reign Designs – My Bro from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Do you like Star Wars? Then you are going to like my friend Don who is Reign Designs.

I have been commissioned by Don to utilize my laser skills for his kick ass custom pieces for years now! Specializing in a style that is a Samurai / Star Wars FUSION, Reign Designs makes Custom Display Helmets, Awesome Shirts and so much more!! I mean, check out this latest Darth Samurai piece! 😮

Apart from his obvious talents in the handcrafted field, Reign Designs is also an awesome Graphic Designer! Seriously, hit him up for all your graphic arts needs. He’s super nice and doesn’t bite, I promise!

Like him on your platform of choice:

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Now Selling on Amazon HANDMADE!

The first time Amazon was announcing their Handmade category, I was pumped! I applied and then… denied. Sad face. 🙁

But, just a quick 3 years later, I am back at it again and… Success! I am currently working on getting items into the amazon warehouses so you can benefit from their Prime Shipping!! For now, there are a few designs available and even more “Exclusive to Amazon” designs coming!

PLUS: All Earrings will feature Stainless Steel studs or hooks! Sensitive ears rejoice!

Another benefit 👉 Everything comes in a GIFT BOX! Noice. Real noice.

Click the image to see what it is up close!


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Like Re-Selling? Follow my YouTube favs – RALLIROOTS!

I’ve talked about eBay in my one of my vlogs. I have been selling on eBay for years! I sell my jewelry in one store, and random stuff in another. It’s a little bit of a side hustle for me to wiggle free stuff off my family members and sell them! How devious I am! So, of course, I ran across RALLIROOTS and their adventures in the eBay reselling game!

If you want to make a few extra bucks this summer and would like to venture into selling online – check these guys out! You will learn about which brands are big $, what to avoid, and awesome tricks on ranking, listing, pictures and more!

I love these guys SO much, I just HAD to make them a lil something to show my appreciation! In this video, you will see what I made them just after the 9 min mark, but watch from the beginning! They bring a lot of value to the table! Definitely follow their youtube channel!

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MAY 2018 RAFFLE – Star Wars Jewelry Set!

It is time for a Giveaway Raffle!

In honor of May the Fourth and The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, we are giving away your choice of 2 Star Wars Designs! You can complete each task once per day and gain extra entries to win! Drawing will take place Monday May 7th.

Click HERE to enter!

#Maythe4th be with you!

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Morning Tea with Foxy! Vlog Episode #1 – What am I doing with My Life?

Hello world!

I have decided to start a vlog where I document my excursion into new ways to make some mundo moolah! If you’d like to learn and earn along with me, be sure to check out my youtube page and like & subscribe!

MY GOALS are to Figure out HOW TO:
1. Maximize Profit on Etsy and eBay!
2. Experiment with Thrift Flipping and Retail Arbitrage.
3. Make Online Store of my Handmade Products.
4 See idf Depop or Poshmark are worth it.
5. Maybe try Dropshipping??

Come with my on my journey to find MORE ways to make MORE money in less time! My ultimate goal is to start earning enough money to go to Disney World!

Let’s LEARN and EARN together!

Retail Store:
Poshmark: (Sign up with code FOXYFUNKDESIGNS to get $5 off your first order!)


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FoxyFunk ~Embodiment~ has Arrived!

I have always wanted to expand on what I make and phase one is in process!

To start off FoxyFunk Embodiment, I have started production on  awesome products such as  Lip GlossRoll on Perfume, and Powdered Mud Mask!

I hope to add a full line of bath, body and beauty products held to the same standard as my jewelry and apparel! Keep your eyes peeled!

See my entire Bath & Body ware for sale exclusively in my Etsy shop!

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Charm Locket Necklaces are BACK!

All the rage, these lockets. So many sweet charms of violins and kitten paws and fluffy wuffies…. But, I don’t stock that baloney. I stock awesome charms, like NES Controllers, Batman, Wonder Woman and Jack Skellington.

Make a custom locket for someone you know and fill it with awesomeness.  Each Locket (of your Choice) comes with a jewel to get you started and Charms are Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. Bam!

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Procrastinating X-Mas? It’s not too late – YET!

Think it’s too late for Online Holiday Shopping? It’s not – YET!

Right now everything is shipping out NEXT DAY! Use this handy guide to figure out what kind of shipping you should go for:

  • First Class Mail: Order no less than 7 days before you need it. (Typically 3-5 day shipping after package is received by USPS)
  • Priority Mail: Order no less than 5 days before you need it. (Typically 1-3 day shipping after package is received by USPS)
  • USPS Express: Order no less than 3 days before you need it. (Typically 2 day shipping once package is received by USPS)

If you are in the US, I suggest Priority Mail to ensure good value for speedy delivery. USPS does deliver Priority Mail ON Christmas Day!

If you are from outside the US, you package will not get to you in time for Christmas.


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iam8bit – The Handmade Holiday Show – Calling All Californians!

I don’t want to surprise anybody, but the Holiday’s are Approaching and iam8bit will be throwing their annual Handmade Holiday Show Opening is Thurs, Nov 30 from 8 – 11pm! I have been selling items at their shop for over a year now and this will be my 2nd year in the holiday show! This year you can find some FoxyFunk Dragon Ball themed ornaments and Zelda wine glass charms, even Fallout Nuka Cola Coasters!

What is iam8bit?

“Founded in 2005, iam8bit is a creative production company that refuses to be pigeonholed, having crafted unique and memorable experiences for a broad spectrum of brands… Attentively cultivated experiences come in many forms — from events to one-of-a-kind mailers to commercials and films… as well as curating regular exhibitions at their Los Angeles-based gallery.

iam8bit invites you to their Sunset Blvd Gallery for the third annual “Handmade Holiday Show”! Featuring one-of-a-kind ornaments and housewares, from placemats to pottery, all with their very own personality!

Register Here or follow the Facebook Event!

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Meet Alex Doll – Custom Pieces for a One of a Kind Gal!

Meet Alex Doll! From Washington, DC, this devious masterpiece runs Atomic Doll Productions, where she creates old school carnival sideshow experiences for clients such as ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’, ‘Shocked and Amazed’, even major networks! She regularly performs various amazing feats, such as swallowing razor sharp razor blades, cuddling and high-heel kicking on a bed of nails and piercing her delicate skin with needles to the delight and cringe worthy swooning of her audiences!

Ms. Alex Doll contacted me through Etsy for some customized Mad Max pendants back in 2015. Now that she had a contact with a laser lady, I was asked to make some custom pendants for her own Etsy Shop and audiences!

She is absolutely a sight to be seen! Do befriend her Facebook Page for upcoming shows and check out her collection of oddities in her Etsy Shop!

Shout out to John Detrich (Main Top Post Image) for his amazing art! If you like all things ODD or need one of a kind art for yourself or posters & more for your business, then you have to follow this guy: Instagram : Website

And of course, should you need custom pendants made for your business and interests, Contact Me!

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Order NOW for your Halloween Jewelry!

Halloween is just a quick 2 weeks away! But don’t fret! You still have time to order your Costume Accessories!

Good News Everyone! I am getting orders out no more than 48 hours after purchase! You do have the option of shipping, there is the standard USPS First Class (3-5 days delivery from order completion) OR USPS Priority (1-3 days delivery from order completion).

If you are in a hurry, don’t hesitate to contact me! It is possible to do overnight shipping, just be aware it costs quite a bit.

Here is a table of last minute shipping time to give yourself:

  • First Class Mail: Order no less than 7 days before you need it.
  • Priority Mail: Order no less than 5 days before you need it.
  • USPS Express: Order no less than 3 days before you need it.

Time to get shopping! Click here to shop at ETSY and here for EBAY!

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Over 4000 Sales on Etsy! 40% Off Code!!!

Wow! What a wild ride it has been! 

When I first opened my Etsy shop in May of 2014, I had about 3 listings. My Legend of Zelda Triforce Earrings, Dr Who Tardis Earrings and the 3D Sharknado Earrings. I slowly but slowly (I was working as a restaurant manager so I was a very full time worker) I started adding more and more designs whenever I could. I now have over 200 designs and have opened my own retail store in Loveland, CO – Laser Moon! WOW!

So in honor of this magnificent milestone, I gift to you 40% off all orders this week!

Enjoy! (Psst: It’s a good time to stock up on Halloween styles! 😉 )

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This is Halloween, New Designs and Costume Ideas!

For some, Halloween is a holiday spent all year round! For others, Halloween is right around the corner! Either way, it’s best to get started on those costumes and styles!

I just recently started bulking up my Halloween styles. If there are any you would like to see, please message me! So far I’ve got some Gravestones and Coffins, and of course Jack Skellington earrings and necklace!

But, what about the costume!? I do make CUSTOM costum pieces, for that hard to find last finishing touch! I also have staple costume jewelry sets for costumes such as Sailor Moon, X-Men’s Jubilee, and even pixel hearts for Undertale fans!

Check out my Halloween Section of my Etsy Shop! You are surely going to find something to make your Halloween truly spooktacular!


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See You at Fort Collins Comic Con 2017? #FCCC

Hello all!

As some of you may know I also have a Retail Shop in downtown Loveland called Laser Moon: Nerd HQ! I will be at Fort Collins Comic Con with a lot of my jewelry AND all sorts of great things from the shop! Laser Moon not only features a lot of local artisans, but also has an eclectic mix of anime, sci-fi, fantasy and superhero themed merch and games!

Find the LMND table at M2:

Hope to see you this weekend at Colorado’s most Northern Comic Con! 😀

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TheExpandedUniverse.COM – Product Feature‘s Debbie Sellers has done a review on a few of my Star Wars items! was created to bring together fans of Star Wars “Expanded Universe” which is the stories from more than just the movies!

“”Lucasfilm canon” refers to anything produced by any of the Lucas companies, whether it be movies, books games or internet. “Movie canon” is only what you see and hear in the Star Wars films”- Leland Chee

So check out Debbie’s Smugglers’ Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (Part 1) and see what she thinks! 😀

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Collaborating with the Great Anja Kotar! #TooCool

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get invited by the lovely and talented Anja Kotar to be the manufacturer of some awesome earrings and necklace pendants!

She recently released her new Album – NOMAD – and these prescription and pill inspired earrings will be featured in one of her upcoming music videos! The song “Happy Pill” is motivated my youth turning to outside sources to feel inside, whilst “fitting in”, as it were.

This little iPhone inspired pendant was also manufactured by me and continues to reflect her albums inspiration of what it takes to be a teen in the USA.

She is an up-and-coming artist you should definitely follow on Instagram!

“NOMAD is a concept album structured as a mixtape representing growing up in America. “

Connecting music & fashion for the new generation of cool.

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Etsy Reviews Reach Over 1000!!!!

10% Off code: TENPERCENT at Expires 4/10/17


Etsy is one of my favorite places to sell and I am so GRATEFUL to you mighty fine folks for diggin’ what I’m doing! I never would have thought in a million years I would be doing this and I humbly thank you all for your support!

In honor of reaching over 1000 reviews in my etsy shop, everybody gets 10% off their order of $1 or more!


This code is valid at only from now until 4/10/17.

Thank you, I love you all!!! <3

10% Off code: TENPERCENT at Expires 4/10/17

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Custom Made Acrylic Jewelry for Your Projects or Business

People have been coming to me to make them custom jewelry and accessories for themselves, their projects or their business ever since I opened up shop!

I have observed that there is a bit of a void in the custom manufactured wholesale and bulk jewelry and accessories department, so I aim to fill that void!

I want to let it be known that I can, and will, fulfill your need to have custom pendants made for you! Whether it be one piece you’ve always dreamed of, or a whole line of products for you to resell!

Here are some examples of commissions I have taken on that were made to be resold, thus making YOU money!

This sort of thing is great if you want to make your logo, band, or general design into a pendant or a fully made up piece of jewelry! I can do keychains, necklaces, earrings, studs, you name it! I can even make custom jewelry cards for your packaging needs!

Prices vary by difficulty, quantity and material. I guarantee that my prices are much better than you may expect, my overhead is low, so we share the benefits! There is no project too small and I work with you throughout the entire process! Message Me now to get your custom order started!

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Nerds Do Valentine’s Day Differently

The time of mandatory love celebrations are upon us! Whether you are a guy or gal looking for ideas for your guy or gal, these genre specific ideas are sure to inspire you all!

31gwrl2czplValentine’s Day is both extremely looked forward to and despised. Personally, I think it is OK. As OK as other holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day (aka Mandatory Drunk Night) or President’s Day (aka Furniture Sales Day). They might have some reason behind the tradition, but what Valentine’s Day means to us now is, “Got a partner? Yes? You have to buy them something in order to avoid possible backlash. Happy Valentine’s!” said Cupid with a maniacal undertone…

bra13The typical Valentine’s presents generally get the response of, “Oh. Wow. Thanks. I really mean it…” Flowers die. Don’t even get me started on diamonds and the illusion that more $ spent equals more love for you. 😛 Candy chocolates in a heart shaped box has about as much thought in it as anything strategically placed in the checkout lane. Perhaps those nail clippers or colorful lighters would have been more thoughtful? Doubt it. Lingerie? Oh boy, getting underwear for a present is along the same category as any clothing gift. Doesn’t fit, itchy, really weird, etc…

When prompted for ideas, some might say to “Get something from the Heart.” I am here to tell you what that means if your partner has a “nerd” or “geek” attribute score of 3+. Here are some genius suggestions to get them thinking thoughts brewing:

acc070-unicorn-horn-for-catsFantasy Nerds: Though it is a broad subject, you should have picked up on cues to help your search. If unicorns are a topic of appreciation, try a mix of rainbow candies, and movie night with a unicorn themed movie and rainbow sprinkle popcorn! If you wanna go all out  get a unicorn horn for their cat or dog to set the atmosphere! So majestic. If medieval fantasy/ren fair is their fav, then rent a knight/fairy costume and make some turkey legs! Watch Princess Bride and turn it into a kiss/drinking game for every time someone says Buttercup. So long as you have a little imagination, you can make a magical evening!

indexSci Fi Nerds: It goes without saying (though here I go on to say) that if they are into Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, or equally accessible fandom, this will be very easy on you! One suggestion, get a sheet and spray paint to make a space backdrop! Situate an eating area beside the backdrop and prepare for favorite foods time! Pizza, McDonald’s, Chinese Take-Out, a favorite is a favorite. Want to take it to the next level? Try some theme-inspired food to make, such as wookie cookies. Not much of a baker? Get some furry fabric and make a ton of tribbles to invade your space!

indexSuperhero Nerds: Lucky for you, obtaining superhero themed supplies is not difficult these days. Want a real superhero experience? This may be a group effort, but live the superhero’s life vicariously with a battle of paintball or laser tag! Perhaps you can get cozy making a few team shirts or costumes prior to the battle. As far as clever foods, the whole world has perfected the best super inspired foods that anyone can make and enjoy.

hqdefaultVideo Game Nerds: There are a million types of games out there, but I am sure your sweetie has at least 1 favorite! Or top 5 of each genre, depending on your gamer nerd… Let’s take Legend of Zelda for our first example. Do a treasure hunt to find the 3 pieces of the Triforce! Get 3 triangle boxes, or foam pieces, and hide them cleverly about the house, or even around town, and create a map, hints, obstacles, and more for the hunt! Perhaps make it a sophisticated Classic Game Night, starting with this SMB inspired Fireflower Cocktail and ending with a old school game marathon!

nerds-in-love-5755No matter what kind of a nerd you have in your life, if you make effort you can transform this stupid mandatory love holiday into a reason to make a nerd inspired romantic memory for each other. It’s not always about the present, but what you gain in the long run. What is love without those sweet, sweet moments of complete nerd serenity?


As always, should you need any sort of nerd-inspired accessories you know where to find them! Hint, it’s HERE!

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Final Warning from Esty! Copyright Infringement and YOU…

I LOVE Etsy. And I wanna work it out. If you love something, tape it to your face, as I have always said…

Sooo… Got my final warning from Etsy for Copyright Infringement!!!!!
What am I to do!?!?!

How did I get here, you ask? Cuz I’m a big fat NERD. I love videogames, superheroes, aliens, tv, and so much of that pop culture yumminess!

Some designs I make are very “inspired” as in similar shape, color or “feeling”. Some things however, I admit it, straight up from a thing. I’m sorry. 🙁

pacmanNearly everything that has been taken off of Etsy was from a video game! I have had 8 things in the last 2 years (exactly) taken down. Every one was from FallOut, Pac-Man, Portal, or something along those lines. However, the last “straw” was a Pac-Man design I have had in my store for nearly that whole 2 years being open. However, the Portal design I had up was taken down within 24 hours.

Wondering how many you can have taken down before they shut your doors? I have heard 3 strikes and your out, but I think it really is a case by case situation. There’s really no way to know how long you can “get away” with something. But should we even try to “get away” with it??


From Esty’s Fact Guide: “It may be tempting to include names of popular brands or celebrities in your listing titles, tags or descriptions – for instance, the name of a luxury handbag company that inspired your purse design. But using that brand’s name in your tags has been considered problematic by certain IP owners. Similarly, just tacking on “inspired by” or “____-like” in the tags or description may not prevent you from receiving a notice of infringement from the IP owner for a number of legal reasons, such as causing confusion. The same goes for any items that were “inspired by” popular books, movies or television shows.”

If you are wondering if you can get away with it, don’t chance it! And for the record, that “10% change in a design thing” – is NOT a thing. Don’t let a lawyer have to tell you. 😛

Am I mad? NOPE. I am GLAD I was able to share this fandom of a beloved game to the masses. I hope every time someone wears what little I have dispersed into the world gives a smile and cheer to the people who wear and see it. I hope it sparks conversations of how great that game is and share memories of their past. I hope it sparks a friendships that last a lifetime! I wish I could afford to get proper licensing for such big brands so I can keep spreading this love, and hopefully one day I can!

And this little piggy flew right into a success lit sunset!

So what to do now? Out of fear of my shop closing, I took down a bunch of things. It was kind of sad… Then I thought to myself, “Hey Mere-bear, you got style gurl. You got some bangin’ designs all of your own! You gotta take those designs and blow it up, lady! You ARE a designer! You have talent… and dammit… people like you!”

Gave myself a pretty good hug after that pep talk. You be prepared world! Be prepared for new FoxyFunk Designs like you’ve never seen before!

I hope I can inspire YOU to be the BEST you ARE and spread that jam all over this peanut butter sandwich! If you have any questions about  your Etsy experience or copyright and trademark rules, please message me!

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For Those Who Don’t Know, I Have a Store Front!


Big news! On August 5th, 2016, my husband and I opened a groovy little shop in Loveland, CO! It is called Laser Moon : Nerd HQ. Not only do we have FoxyFunk Designs, and my husbands PropFunk wares, we also feature a bunch of other Colorado artists.

Apart from all the custom items we can make for you and your business, our showroom is basically a tiny Comic Con. Laser Moon is your Loveland Headquarters for all things superhero, sci fi, fantasy and more!

Run by veteran Comic Con vendors, we have packed this place with Collectibles, Apparel, Jewelry, Accessories and More! Find over 10 local artists showcasing their art and merchandise!

No need to wait and pay to get into a convention to buy all the nerdy things you need in your life! Fulfill a birthday wish list, excite an anniversary, and make the holiday’s memorable!

Find us on the NW corner of Garfield and 4th in downtown Loveland! You’ll know when you see us, our front door is the Tardis! (It’s bigger on the inside.)

We also offer our Custom Laser service and also vinyl cutting services! Expect a lot of cool new products in my Etsy Shop! If you are ever in the area, we hope to see you!

From left to right, Charlie, Meredith and Uriah Funk stand in their new shop, Laser Moon Nerd H.Q. that opened on Aug. 5, 2016 in Loveland. Meredith began laser cutting her trinkets two years ago and has been selling her work on Etsy and Ebay and opened up a shop of her own to sell other art and "nerd" goods. Photo by Michael Ortiz/ Loveland Reporter-Herald
From left to right, Charlie, Meredith and Uriah Funk stand in their new shop, Laser Moon Nerd H.Q. that opened on Aug. 5, 2016 in Loveland. Meredith began laser cutting her trinkets two years ago and has been selling her work on Etsy and Ebay and opened up a shop of her own to sell other art and “nerd” goods.
Photo by Michael Ortiz/ Loveland Reporter-Herald

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Choose a New Design Time ~ Poll

I have notebooks full of scribbles of new designs!! Here is your chance to vote on what you’d like to see me make the most next. Take a look at these awesome summertime images of inspiration and vote on the poll below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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May the 4th Be With You!

STAR WARS!!! Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Today is a big day for us Star Wars fans!

I just wanted to say Happy 4th and I hope you all have crazy Star Wars time today! Whip out those blasters and light sabers and have fun! 😀


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Why You Should Be Glad All Your Friends Are Nerds

We all have that one friend (or many). You know the one.

The second something from their mysterious world (the one of unfathomable understanding to the average man) happens, they get freaking excited. In their flurry of enthusiasm, you feel overwhelmed and wonder what it is they are going on about. This can be applied to: Computer Science, Physics, Star Wars, Walking Dead, etc.

In this day and age, there are more types of nerds, and the word has even evolved from a noun into an adjective as well. New-age nerds are now more than a punching bag for teasing, personal and portable instant search engine, trivia masters, or inventors of our future society. They are our friends! Each of us has a little “nerd” within. Personally, my nerd specialty is Doctor Who, time travel paradox and anachronisms. Other nerds may be more like Neil deGrasse Tyson and use their intellectual powers to change the world. Either way, we all know one (or are one) and here are a few ways you should appreciate the nerds in your life.

  • bill-nyeNerds have a passion and passion equals results. Would Bill Nye cared more about anything else in his life, would we have as many science enthusiasts and free thinkers as we do now? Without Bill’s never ending determination to educate, the world would be one step closer to doom, I assume. Also, science rules.
  • Nerds never give up. If George R. R. Martin gave up on reading and writing (a notorious nerd attribute) and focused on being “popular” would we have anything as epic as Game of Thrones at our disposal? Storytelling and the ability to spark imagination is a beautiful art form and without it streaming video would be pretty boring.
  • pexels-photo-largeNerds change the world. Every time I get a vaccine for an otherwise deadly disease, I make sure to be thankful for whomever decided to stay in and study instead of doing beer stands. Every time I do my job and get paid so I can have a happy life, I take a moment to reflect on how everything would be different if computers didn’t exist. We have to appreciate that these inventors, artists, composers, people and such are what makes the world the one we get to live in everyday.
  • Nerds are true to themselves. While everyone else was snickering in the back of class during the teachers lecture of being yourself and achieving your dreams, the nerds were planning their future (world domination, mechanical engineering, etc.) If George Lucas didn’t take a leap with his dream of Star Wars, would the art of filmography be as it is today? He’s no faker.
  • pexels-photo-89478-largeAlso, nerds are easy to buy presents for. Whether it’d be beakers, a magnification apparatus, a coding related t-shirt, a star you named after them, an R2D2 mug, or anything to do with their passion, you are set! 😉

Friends that are nerds are the best kind of friends. They are real people and appreciate you for accepting that. They aren’t fake, they won’t use you and they have most likely calculated the best way to bring happiness to your world. Fact: Nerds are cool.

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Top Reasons Why GalaxyFest is the Best Fest of the Season!

GalaxyFest is my favorite way to start the con season every year!

Last year was my 2nd time at this con and I am so happy to be going back for my 3rd time in a row! It is a place for the whole family and every type of person with any sort of fantastical interest.

IMG_20150301_103301One of my very favorite things about it is that it is truly a gathering of all fandoms! While some may have only a steam punk, fantasy, or sci-fi theme for their con/fest, GalaxyFest has open arms for the whole lot! We are all the same deep down right? Be one with the whovians, the zombies, trekkies, ponies and Darth Vader too!

Another great attribute of this wonderful yearly event is that it is to support S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Dedicated to Supporting STEM, Literacy and the Arts, with the support of Space Foundation featuring real live astronauts at GalaxyFest 5. GalaxyFest supports small business and the Colorado Springs downtown as a signature event in 2016. –

f15b7b06c8104b0b3cc478c4b36deb8aThey are in it to win it, folks! It turns out you’re not going to a great event just for cosplay, shopping and experience, but you are also helping your community and the ongoing efforts to educate our communities to enrich all our lives! If you needed justification before, you’ve got it now! 🙂

GalaxyFest has so much to do and see! There are craft tables for the younger crowd, panels in every interest and genre, a kickin’ list of actors, artists and cosplayers ranging from Star Trek, Walking Dead, WWE and then some! See the complete list here!

Speaking of what to do, there is so much more than just interesting panels. There is also a Kid’s Room, Game Room, Makerspace, Theater, Zombie Crawl, Drag Show, Rocky Horror Dance, Costume Contest for kids, adults and pets… to name a few! Check out the schedule and plan your weekend now!

4b070f6112718539bbefe50a51a95004 It is held in downtown Colorado Springs at the Antlers Hotel this February 19th-21st. Tickets range prices from $15 for Friday Child Pass and up throughout the whole weekend! (0-5 year old kids are free!)

Like them on facebook and find out more information at!

And ~ Find my booth by Judge Baldwin’s Restaurant on the main floor! See you there! 🙂

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Black Friday Sales, Everybody’s Doing It

It’s that time of year again. Luckily for the us, we have the World Wide Web (nobody calls it that anymore), otherwise known as the Net (which is another phrase that didn’t stick but you catch my drift…).

The internet, and every single large & little shop within – including my shop, will celebrate Black Friday in a way that will get you a whole lot less trampled.

I just loaded my Black Friday ~ Clearance section of my Etsy shop with all the favorites! Prices start at $5 & Shipping is always a FLAT $2.95 for First Class. Load up them stockings with these stuffers. X-Mas is almost here.

Black Friday Clearance ~ foxyfunk designs

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The Conventions of 2015 – Picture Party

2015 was the first year FoxyFunk Designs was at any sort of convention! Here is a chronological look at the fun we had working the con life.

Starting the year right, PropFunk and I shared a table at Galaxy Fest in Colorado Springs.

Next up was Colorado Cosmic Con, also in Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs Comic & Toy Con runs twice a year and one of our favorites!

Myths and Legends Con (MAL Con) is one of the smaller and most awesome of the Denver Cons we’ve been to.

We were also at Conclave of Gamers, Pueblo Idea Con, Fort Collins Comic Con, Rocky Mountain Con and Mile Hi Con! Wowza! We sure were busy!

Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store! We might not be at this many conventions, but it will be another fun year for sure!!!


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I’m Learning to be a Silversmith!

I am quite a fanatic when it comes to classes and programs at my Rec Center here in Loveland. So naturally, when I was perusing the Fall catalog and found a silversmith class, I got excited! I actually signed up for this class months ago, and it is finally here.

Why is this so awesome? Well my hopes are to soon be able to make a slew of higher end, fancy pants and ever-lasting jewelry for all of you! Once I have some practice, I would also like to start an engagement and wedding ring line specializing in all our favorite fandoms! Allons-y!!

Here is my success after week 2. This is NO WHERE NEAR DONE. But I am excited. By mid-December this piece, and maybe another, will be done. The progress will be most impressive! 😀

This is my “concept” of what this pendant will maybe possibly kinda look like… Hopefully! 😉

Silver sheet with bezel
To put the bezel on I had to heat up this big fella to somewhere around 1600 degrees with a blow torch! Oh yea!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… Winter

frozen snowflake glitter blue necklace silver chain

Here in Colorado, it likes to snow. Sometimes, nearly year-round depending on where you are!

In spirit of these chilly months, become delighted with these lightweight frozen snowflake shaped earrings and matching necklace!

frozen snowflake glitter blue necklace silver chainFrozen Snowflake Crystal Earrings in Glitter Blue or Frosty White

Match with your favorite winter outfit or even your Elsa Frozen Cosplay outfit! Snowflakes are one of a kind, and so are you!

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It’s nearly Turkey Time

Everyone feels a bit different when it comes down to holidays. Especially one of the “big ones” such as this one coming up. Thanksgiving.

This was one that I can honestly say was not my favorite. Maybe as time goes by…. maybe. My biggest beef, or turkey in this case, is that traditionally in my family the meal is had in the middle of the day. Not lunch, not dinner, more like a big, big snack that you starve yourself to get to. Then you overeat from the previous fasting and proceed to feel regret and despair for the rest of the day, are sent home with leftovers of the same items that make so much pain within your mind and body, and are left to watch them turn colors in your fridge as Christmas nears because there is no way you want to remind your senses of this torment.

That is why I have devised a lovely plan! Wear your meal, don’t eat it. Also, tell your friends and family you are busy and eat sensibly at home. The only thing I want to binge on for Thanksgiving is Netflix.

turkey dinner pendant necklace acrylic and cherry wood holiday christmas thanksgiving (2) Get your own perfectly cooked and everlasting perfect Roast Turkey for only $12. 😛

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Poison Apples on Buzzfeed!

Once upon a time….

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Who in this land is fairest of all?​

To this the mirror answered.​

You, my queen, are fairest of all.


Crazy Evil Witches. The Grimm Brothers really had only 2 types women, The Princess and the Witch. The Witch, however, sure had great power! Evil – but great. Unfortunately for them, evil never wins.

I was so happy to find that my Poison Apples had been featured on Buzzfeed! they sure have some good taste! Although, I don’t recommend eating it! 😉
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Floating Charm Memory Locket Necklaces are HERE!!!

One of the most sought after items when I am at conventions, now they are available to you anytime, anywhere!
ONLY in my eBay store!!!
Quantities are LIMITED, so stock up holiday style now!

More charms updated frequently! Next up is My Little Pony Charms! 😀

floating charm memory locket necklace by foxyfunk designs
floating charm memory locket necklace by foxyfunk designs

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Beards! Beards for sale! Get your Beards here! – No Shave November & Santa Claus =^.^=

Happy No Shave November! BUT-

What is it all about!!?!

“The goal of NoShave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.” –

DONATE NOW AND BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION! Follow this link to participate in FoxyFunk’s donation team! ~

Find a beard of your own in my Etsy shop! Happy November!

no shave november mustache and beard lady necklace support white black brown (1)


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EVENT – MileHi Con 47 ~ October 23-25 !

Mrs. and Mr. Funk way back in 2007

MileHi Con 47

It has been a few weeks since the last con and I am super excited for this one! I have actually never been to this convention ever! I have no idea what to expect, other than an awesome time!

I have no idea what to wear! All this recent Princess Themed things I have been making make me want to be a princess. Full on – big hoop skirt – sparkles – coach – henchmen…

Wait henchmen? Hmmm… Couldn’t hurt. 😉

That reminds me of my 1st con with my husband. Here is a great throwback pic of us WAY back in 2007! We are Fran and Balthier from Final Fantasy 12. I think this was… NDK in Denver. I was a couple months prego – it’s very hard to tell thank goodness! 😉

Mrs. and Mr. Funk way back in 2007

Anyhoo… See you at the next con!

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FoxyFunk Designs by Mrs. Funk =^.^=

FoxyFunk Designs creates jewelry, accessories and home adornments influenced by retro gaming, modern fashions and visions of the future. Hello and welcome to the world of Foxy Funk!Foxy CollageAs most great things happen, it was completely by accident. My husband (PropFunk – check him out!) had a membership at a DIY Makerspace and lovingly made me some Legend of Zelda Triforce pendants. I quickly turned them into earrings! Every time I wore them, everyone wanted a pair. Then we made Tardis earrings and the same thing happened! Eventually I branched out and now you can see how much it has grown!Necklace CollageEarrings Collage

I am greatly inspired by everything that has to do with Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Avengers, Comic Books, etc. I am a workoholic and love every pair of earrings or necklace I have ever made. It brings me more joy than any job I have ever had and look forward to it everyday. My store is still growing, and have many aspirations for FoxyFunk as the years progress!


Meredith Funk

etsy pic