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“There is a difference between things people make and things that are made.” – Mr. Rogers

Pretty Irirdescent Rainbow Crystal Bunch Boho Chic summer date night dangle earrings jewelry


Cool Hot Sun with Sunglasses ad Saguro Cactus Wood Wooden hand painted stud earrings mismatched earrings jewelry set

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Sunny Side Up for Sunny Spring β˜€

You can add so much much to an outfit with just one ingredient when you wear these Fried Egg Breakfast Dangle Pendant Earrings!

🍳Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg pendants are made of layered white and yellow laser cut acrylic! So lightweight, you’ll barely feel they are there!

Big Kowaii Harajuku Decora fashion large fried egg eggs dangle statement earrings jewelry

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Waffle Earrings Funny Wood Eggo Waffle Shaped Stud Earrings with Syrup and Butter Square Food Jewelry

Syrup Covered Waffles πŸ§‡

Swiss Cheese Wedges πŸ§€

Hot Sauce Bottle Caliente Tabasco Looking Dangle Earrings Summer summertime some like it hot red sauce bottle jewelry

Hot Sauce Mama πŸ”₯

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